President's Welcome

In the ten years since it was established, AUIS has grown into one of the top universities in the country. AUIS nurtures and inspires exceptional students, equipping them with a broad-based liberal arts education and the skills needed to lead and succeed in our dynamic and ever-changing region. The University’s dedication to excellence in teaching, learning and research helps to develop responsible and informed young adults who possess critical thinking skills, good citizenship and a strong work ethic, who are sought after by graduate schools and employers.
The University has faced many challenges during its successful journey. Regional conflict and economic stress have severely tested our students, their families and our sources of financial support. I am proud of the commitment and resourcefulness shown by our energetic students, outstanding staff and faculty, and distinguished Board members in coping with these challenges. This year, I wish you all a very enjoyable 10th anniversary and congratulate everyone who has contributed to AUIS’s many accomplishments. It is my privilege to work with you.