Dr. Choman Hardi among group of women honored by Kurdistan Parliament

On Wednesday, October 31, 2018, the Women’s Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament honored AUIS Assistant Professor Dr. Choman Hardi as part of a group of women activists, lawyers, journalists, writers, and academics. Coinciding with their final day of service, the women MPs wanted to acknowledge the accomplishments of a group of women who had contributed to the women’s cause in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
Dr. Hardi was honored alongside Niyaz Abdullah, Shoxan Ahmad, Amal Jalal, Parwin Hassan, and others. Each MP took turns to recognize the group of women. This recognition comes after the award of a €900,000 grant to the Center for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS), directed by Dr. Hardi, to develop gender studies in the MENA region and provide gender related resources for the larger communities.

AUIS hosts book launch for 'Butterfly Valley' translation

AUIS Assistant Professor Dr. Choman Hardi held a book launch and reading at the University on November 4, 2018 for her recently released book "Butterfly Valley", an English translation of the book originally written by celebrated Kurdish poet, Sherko Bekas.
Dr. Hardi, along with director Shwan Atoof and poet Dilawar Karadaghi, treated some 300 audience members to a reading of excerpts in Kurdish and English.
“The book addresses the gassing of Halabja, the Anfal genocide, as well as the pains of exile and the cyclical nature of Kurdish history,” Dr. Hardi said. “It does this through remembering and talking with other poets, journalists, politicians, and historians.”
The book launch was presented in collaboration with Peyk Bookstore and Metrography Agency.

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