Experienced Entrepreneur Looking to Give Back?

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a mentor with the AUIS Entrepreneurship Initiative [AEI]! We believe that mentors can be essential guides in helping aspiring entrepreneurs overcome obstacles to starting their own businesses. AEI aims to pair mentors and aspiring entrepreneurs on the basis of location, industry, and experience level so that the experiences of mentors best match the needs of mentees. This questionnaire helps AEI staff determine the best mentor-mentee relationships so that aspiring entrepreneurs can reach their potential.


As a mentor, your job would be to provide advice to your mentees on any range of issues--from fundraising and management to navigating complex legal frameworks. Mentors with a wide range of expertise are welcome to apply; however, we prefer that mentors own businesses at least one year old. Potential responsibilities include the following:

  • one-on-one mentoring with an aspiring entrepreneur paired on the basis of region, industry, and experience
  • in-person or virutal panels at AUIS in coordination with the AUIS Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • judging of pitching events
  • training workshops with other business leaders, policy makers, and/or aspiring entrepreneurs

If being a mentor sounds like an interesting opportunity, please feel free to fill out our application form here. We look forward to reading your responses, and are grateful for your willingness to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem!