Our Team

Rava Khorshid

Testiing Center Manager

Rava Khorshid joined AUIS in September 2012. As the Testing Center Manager, she oversees the daily operations, strategic planning and business development of the AUIS Testing Center.  She is also responsible for coordinating all testing activities at every stage of testing process, ensuring the quality and integrity of the Center’s services. One of her main duties is to build relations, correspond and interact with global testing agencies.

Rava holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (majored in Marketing) from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Office: A-F3-46. Ext: 1821. Email: rava.khorshid@auis.edu.krd.

Rawand Abas

PDI and Testing Coordinator

Rawand Abas joined AUIS in November 2013 as PDI Coordinator. In addition to his duties in PDI Department, he works also as Testing Coordinator at the Testing Center since June 2016. At the Testing Center he is mainly responsible for leading and proctoring standardized tests for applicants and students within the university and customers from outside of the university.

Rawand has a B.A. in English Language from the University of Sulaimani and a diploma in Accounting from Hackney Community College in London.

Office: A-F3-42. Ext: 1536. Email: rawand.abbas@auis.edu.krd.