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AUIS Research Collaboration Symposium

  American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) is pioneering an effort to form a nucleus for collaborative research aimed at enhancing the quality and value of university graduates and their scientific output in the Kurdistan Region and the Republic of Iraq at large. The AUIS Research Collaboration Symposium will lay the foundation for establishing an institute that focuses on supporting innovation, research, and development in governmental and industrial sectors.   

Symposium: Rethinking Refugee-Host Relations in the KRG

  The AUIS community is invited to symposium on recent UG research into host community-refugee relationships. Three students - Kozhan Wahib, Hogar Hadi and Bilal Yaseen - together with a wide support cast visited refugee camps and the Sulaimani community in order to deepen their understanding of current refugee policy and its social effects.   Date: Monday, February 4, 2019 Time: 11:30 AM Location: B-F2-39   Agenda 11:30 AM  Opening remarks - Dr. Tobin Hartnell 11:45 AM  Durkheim's theory of solidarity and refugee policy 12:00 PM  Deviance theory and refugees in the KRG 12:15 PM   Transaction cost economics as a means to better policy 12:30 PM  Concluding remarks    

Revolutions in Prehistory Symposium

The (R)evolutions in Prehistory Symposium will be a discussion held by three international archeologists including Prof. Olivier Neuwenhuyse (Leiden), Maria Bianca (Frei Universitat Berlin), and Takahiro Odaka (Japan). The topics discussed will be: (R)evolutions in the economy  (R)evolutions in politics (R)evolutions in climate The focus of the symposium will be Northern Iraq and the greater Kurdish region.
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