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  The AUIS Engineering Club is organizing an interdepartmental event, AUIS STEM, April 17-19 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day in the AUIS Conference Hall.    The event will be comprised of competitions and exhibitions by the Information Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and Natural Science Departments.    April 17 - MathFest April 18 - IT Day April 19 - Engineering Day   For full details of each day and how to register to compete in the competitions, see the attached PDF. 

Mary E. Geyer Foundation Scholarship Winners 2017-18

The Mary E. Geyer Foundation, Inc. has awarded a tuition grant of $2,000 each to three high performing students of engineering and information technology at AUIS in 2017-18. The scholarship has been awarded to engineering major Zryan Ibrahim, and IT majors Banu Aziz and Lavin Luqman Othman. Every year, the Foundation supports rising female students at AUIS who choose an academic and career path in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM).    Congratulating the students, Professor Roger W. Geyer, president of the Mary E. Geyer Foundation said, "Every member of our board of directors at the Mary E. Geyer foundation, Inc. is involved in evaluating scholarship candidates. They often remark how impressed they are at the academic and personal qualities of the AUIS students who apply. We are very pleased to support these students as they make their mark both personally and professionally." Zryan Ibrahim Energy Engineering “This scholarship will allow me to focus more on the most important aspects of school learning. It will inspire me in many ways to continue to help others and give something back to my community. I hope that one day I will be able to help college students achieve their goals just like the Mary E. Geyer Foundation.”  An active member of the student body, Ibrahim has previously won AUIS Student of the Month for her participation in campus initiatives, community service, athletics, and her work as president of the student organization, The Action Group (TAG). She is currently a member of the AUIS Engineering Club, where she helps to organize seminars, competitions, workshops, summer internships and site visits for engineering students. Banu Aziz Information Technology Banu has volunteered and participated in several AUIS initiatives such as the Orange the World campaign against gender-based violence on campus. Winning the Geyer Foundation Scholarship has not just meant financial help, but also a step towards her future goals. “I have been congratulated by my friends for getting the tuition award, but this means a lot more: having earned the honor of winning something based entirely on merit has my father so proud. It has changed his attitude towards what it means to raise a daughter,” she says, “He is now willing to give me his blessings to continue my education abroad after graduation. Seeing how I can excel at the things I do, he is now less worried about what society thinks of a woman going too far and more excited to see how far I can go. It goes to show that empowering women in STEM does make a difference. I am really grateful for the encouragement and support provided by the Geyer Foundation to women who want to study science and technology in this region.” Lavin Luqman Othman Information Technology  An IT major, Lavin is is also an active member of The Action Group (TAG) and HandCraft student clubs. She has previously volunteered for the APP Learning Centers. She enjoys programming, sketching and music in her free time. AUIS graduates, Zainab Hamid (IT), Snur Hamid (IT) and Zanwer Hassan (construction engineering), have previously been awarded scholarships from the Foundation. About the Mary E. Geyer Foundation, Inc.  The Mary E. Geyer (MEG) Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, public charity corporation. Its chief mission is to identify meritorious female undergraduates and graduates who major in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields via their declared major and provide them with financial support. It is the Foundation's belief that women who are successful in these fields will improve their personal and professional lives and, in turn, increase their number in leadership roles which shape the communities they live and work in. The Foundation has been supporting AUIS undergraduate students through tuition grants since 2015.  For more information please contact Roger W. Geyer, president of the Foundation and former associate professor at AUIS, at, or visit the Foundation's website or Facebook page.   You can view or download the Foundation's latest newsletter below. 

A Workshop on Robotics

  The workshop comprised of two guest talks on robotics and advancing scientific and robotics research in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. The first lecture by Dr. Eng. Sattar Sadkhan, the chairman of IEEE in Iraq, focused on the important role of IEEE in the region. He specifically addressed the engineering students at AUIS and encouraged them to form an AUIS chapter of the IEEE Young Professionals for Iraq and to focus on scientific research. Suhail Al-Awis, a doctoral candidate at University of Technology-Iraq, presented the next lecture about neural networks in Robotics. The guest lecture was attended by AUIS students and faculty as well as experts and students of robotics and technology from other universities in the KRG. The workshop concluded with a small celebration to mark the anniversary of IEEE. About IEEE: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) was formed in 1963 from the amalgamation of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers. Today it is the world's largest association of technical professionals with more than 400,000 members in chapters around the world. Its objectives are the educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines.

Robotics Workshop by IEEE

AUIS will host a workshop on Robotics with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Iraq Section and the IEEE Young Professionals for Iraq. The workshop will focus on the importance of robotics and the role of IEEE in the region through seminars and discussions.  The workshop is conducted in coordination with IEEE and Dr. Eng. Sattar Sadkhan, the chairman of IEEE in Iraq. It will include two seminars by Dr. Eng. Sattar Sadkhan who will speak about the importance of Robotics and the role of IEEE in the region and by Suhail Al-Awis, a doctoral candidate at University of Technology, who will speak about neural networks in Robotics. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together experts and students of robotics to share the latest developments in the field. The topics will cover advanced concepts and applications of robotics in general and the role of IEEE in supporting local activities in the field. The interaction will stimulate discussions as well as brainstorming for possible future collaborations and activities in the field of robotics. The workshop will conclude with a small celebration to mark the anniversary of IEEE.  Attendance is by invitation only for public. If you are interested in attending the workshop from outside AUIS, please send an email to for an invite. Please note that we have limited space and can only accomodate a certain number of guests.  The workshop is open to the AUIS community.   
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