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Information Technology Day

Our IT students will be presenting creative, interactive and fun projects tomorrow from 11:15 - 12:15 in A-B1-Hallway. This event is sponsored by Dario Cafe. There will be plenty of pizzas, cakes, cupcakes, beverages and much more! You can also win unique prizes we collected just for this special event. One more thing, we have lots of stickers! You should put at least one on your laptop! 

Students Awarded ICT Training Certificates by Ericsson

  The program is a two-month course which aims to build a bridge between academic institutions and the ICT industry for students who are looking into joining companies such as Ericsson. Ericsson’s ICT Professional Foundation Program targets large groups of students from across the region to help the maximum number of individuals benefit from an opportunity to seamlessly transition from academic institutions to the ICT industry. “For the second consecutive year, Ericsson has organized a certification ceremony in Sulaimani where we had the honor to celebrate twenty-two high potential students from AUIS for passing the Ericsson ICT Professional Foundation Program,” said Ibrahim Itani, Sulaimani's General Manager at Ericsson, “This program offered the participants the chance to explore valuable information on the latest Information and Communication Technologies and their impact on the business, people and society.” The program, which first started in 2015, now covers 15 countries across the Middle East and is a gateway for students in the region to explore opportunities in the ICT industry. “Ericsson remains committed to enlightening the new generation on the latest technologies and business models that will shape their future careers,” continued Itani, “We are wishing the students that have successfully passed this program all the best in their studies and future career plans.” The online nature of the course enables Ericsson to target a large group of students at once, and is efficient in terms of cost and logistics. The course supports building a great pipeline of candidates for internship and graduate programs. Ericsson is a communications technology and service company, which provides software and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud – and enables the telecom industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve the user experience and capture new opportunities. Ericsson operates worldwide, and currently has two offices operating in the Kurdistan region. Find out more about Ericsson here.

A Focus on Information Technology Center at AUIS

The vision of the center is to contribute to the growth and development of the government, business sector, and the society through empowering data-driven decision-making. The mission of the center is to promote research, stimulate consultancy, and provide trainings by working as a hub for all likeminded people who explore, value, and use the power of informatics and data analytics.    One of the first projects of the center is Kurdistan Data; an online platform for improving data availability and literacy in Kurdistan. The initial planning and setup of the project is made possible by the generous funds of Erbil Manpower (emp) and Choman Group.   "emp's donation for the Center for Informatics and Data Analytics is a symbolic contribution to payback for AUIS and its continuous invaluable effort to enhance and strengthen the youth education in Kurdistan Region and Iraq and to prepare a generation of leaders who will make a change in their country," commented Ms. Talan Aouny, CEO and Founder of Erbil Manpower Ltd.    Ms. Aouny continued "data availability and literacy is a strong catalyst for offering quality business service which is the core of emp's mission, hence we believe in the eligibility of this center and anticipate that the center will add enormous value to the way business is done in our country."        Talan Aouny, CEO of EMP and Choman Kareem, Manger of Choman Group   In the same regard, Mr. Choman Kareem, General Manager of Choman Group said "it is clear that information technology is influencing many aspects of our life in this era. Dr. Hemin Latif's plans for improving data availability and literacy through the Center's project is right on time and well thought off. Our society is in need of such projects. Therefore we are glad that we could contribute to the projects initial planning and setup."   Dr. Hemin Latif, Founding Director of CIDA, emphasized that the success of such projects cannot be achieved without the support of various entities and the generous donations of people like Ms. Aouny and Mr. Kareem.   Find out more about CIDA here. 

Mary E. Geyer Foundation Offers Scholarship for High Performing Female Students

The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) is pleased to announce a new scholarship for AUIS undergraduate students, offered by the Mary E. Geyer Foundation, Inc. The  scholarship will be awarded to two high performing female students who are already majoring in Information Technology (IT) and Engineering at AUIS. A scholarship of $1,500 will be awarded in each department in Fall 2016. The Mary E. Geyer Foundation is a non-profit corporation designed to financially support young undergraduate women who choose a technical career path. The Foundation’s chief mission is to identify meritorious female undergraduates who major in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields via their declared major.  “It is our belief that women who are successful in these fields will gain influence politically, socially and culturally, and ultimately increase their number in important leadership roles which shape the communities in which they live,” says Professor Roger W. Geyer, president of the Foundation, and former professor of computer systems and IT at AUIS. “I hope to grow these scholarships in both number and amount at AUIS. Plans are underway to make this funding self-sustaining into the foreseeable future.” AUIS students, Zainab Hamid (IT), Snur Hamid (IT) and Zanwer Hassan (Engineering) at AUIS, have previously been awarded scholarships from the Foundation. Overall eighty percent of enrolled undergraduates at AUIS receive some form of institutional or outside aid. The university's merit-based tuition scale aims to give Iraq’s best students access to the university’s top-ranked, American-style education, regardless of their family income. Applicants can find out more about the requirements and application process here. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is September 11, 2016. Learn more about the Mary E. Geyer Foundation here.

Seminar Presentation for IT Faculty and Students

  Application Development Without Programming   Software production is fast becoming an over complicated programming and configuration task with a lot of repetitive tasks. Many techniques have been suggested to ease this burden and make application development faster and easier. We will discuss our approach to this problem using Computational Reflection that is the ability of a system to observe and to modify itself. It could improve the software-development process. This presentation is also about a practical way for using reflection to raise the level of abstraction. This presentation will first discuss software product line and explain how to improve it by reducing repetitive elements. It will the discuss computational reflection and case-study of a real implementation in the visual studio.   About the Presenter:   Farshad Saeidi is a Master of IT research candidate at  the Science and Research Branch of Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran, under the supervision of Dr. Farzad Sanati, assistant professor of IT at AUIS. He also works as a software engineer at the FastLine telecommunication company in Sulaimani.

IT Students Display Creative Projects

  On November 18, 2015, the Department of Information Technology (IT) hosted an “IT Day” to showcase the fun and interesting side of the IT world to the AUIS community. Several students displayed creative projects ranging from online shopping portals to games and ultrasonic sensors. “This is an event that we do every semester and the goal is to introduce IT to students, especially first semester and APP students. It is a way to show them what Information Technology is about and what our senior students can do,” said Dr. Atheer Matroud, chair of the IT department. Dr. Matroud further explained that the diverse and interesting projects on display by the IT students were either part of their current courses like robotics or interactive media, or their final year Capstone projects. “This is an important way to introduce IT to young students. Some of them do not know what IT is and what they can do after studying the subject,” he added. Mahmoud, a 7th semester IT student developed a project around artificial intelligence, and based it on J.A.R.V.I.S - the fictional character from Iron Man. Guests could put on headphones and have a witty discussion with J.A.R.V.I.S. Mahmud used an open-source online software to create the project. Berzy Bahzad, an IT senior, created a paper lantern in the shape of a heart cloud. The project used an LED strip which lit up with the pulse of the persons connected to the display. A group of four students used ultrasonic sensors on a remote controlled car to sound an alarm if it approached anything in its way. The project was part of their robotics class.  Pshtiwan Kamal, another senior, is currently working on creating an online shopping portal which will allow customers to purchase products using a secure in-built charging/credit card system without having to use their own personal credit cards. Maazan and Dashty, both IT majors, created an interesting computer game based on Javascript. Another senior, Karzan Fadhil, hopes that his application can help make the booking system easier for AUIS learning centers. He has created an online system for the new AUIS IT tutoring system, where students can book time and dates for the course of their choice online. The Capstone project by Eenas can help local hospitals and clinics replace their paper records with a simple computerized system. Doctors and staff will be able to login and share information on a system that does not require internet to record patient details, medical history and prescriptions all in one place. Other students displayed more games, online search engines as well as home automation devices such as personalized security systems and device controlled lamps and lighting in the house. The  event was organized and led by students with support from their teacher, Mr. Alan Amin, lecturer in the IT department. 


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