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Campus Life

Fundraising for Hiwa Cancer Hospital

On November 8, 2015, Lavin Luqman, a student in the undergraduate program, with the support of Student Services organized a fundraising event for Hiwa Hospital. The goal of the charity luncheon event was to raise money for cancer patients. The lunch included traditional Kurdish foods such as koba, biryani, dolma as well as sweets. There was a high turnout of support from students and faculty and staff members alike and the organizers were able to raise 1,157,000.00 IQD to donate to the hospital. Lavin is working towards creating a permanent donation box on campus to continue supporting cancer patients. See more photos of the event on our facebook page.  ڕۆژی ۸/۱۱/۲۰۱۵، لاڤین لوقمان که‌ قوتابی به‌شی ئه‌کادیمییه‌، به‌ هاوکاری به‌شی یارمه‌تی قوتابییان، بۆنه‌یه‌کی هاوکاریی بۆ نه‌خۆشخانه‌ی هیوا ڕێکخست. ئامانجی بۆنه‌که‌ کۆکردنه‌وه‌ی هاوکاری بوو بۆ توشبووان به‌ نه‌خۆشی شێرپه‌نجه‌. خواردنه‌ ئاماده‌کراوه‌کان بریتی بوون له کوبه‌ و بریانی و دۆڵمه‌ و هه‌روه‌ها شیرینی. یارمه‌تییه‌کی بێ وێنه‌ نیشاندرا له‌لایه‌ن قوتابییان و مامۆستایان و ستافی زانکۆوه‌ و ڕێکخه‌ره‌کان توانییان ۱،۱۵۷،۰۰۰ دیناری عێراقی کۆبکه‌نه‌وه‌. له‌ ئێستادا لاڤین کار ده‌کات بۆ دامه‌زراندنی سندوقی هاوکاری له‌ زانکۆدا بۆ به‌رده‌وام یارمه‌تیدانی نه‌خۆشانی شێرپه‌نجه‌ـ حملة للتبرع لمرضى السرطان في الثامن من شهر نوفمبر لهذه السنة، قامت الطالبة لافين لقمان في الجامعة الامريكية و بمساعدة قسم نشاطات الطلبة في الجامعة، بشن حملة لدعم مرضى السرطان في مستشفى هيوا. كان الحدث يشمل بيع وجبات تقليدية للطلبة و اساتذة الجامعة و جمع المبالغ المالية و التبرع بها الى قسم السرطان في المستشفى. لقد كانت مساندة الطلبة و العاملين في الجامعة مهمة حيث تم جمع اكثر من مليون دينار عراقي. الجدير بالذكر ان الطالبة لافين تعمل على وضع صندوق داىمي للتبرع لمرضى السرطان في الجامعة ليكون هناك دعم مستمر لمستشفى هيواـ     Kurdish translation by Shatoo Diyar Bakir - communications volunteer Arabic translation by Rand Hasan - communications intern  

AUIS Prepares Us to Become Global Citizens

Dina Dara Meran, Class of 2014
Four years ago when I graduated from high school, I applied to many universities in Iraq and abroad. I remember being so hesitant about deciding where to go. I also wanted to experience living away from home in a different city and making new friends other than knowing my family’s friends in Erbil. After some weeks, I remember receiving a text from AUIS saying I was accepted. It was late at night, and I ran to my dad excitedly with the news. It was obvious by then that my choice would be AUIS, and I have never regretted that. At AUIS, I did not only learn about international studies theories, Plato’s Republic, economics, world history, physics or journalism; I also had the chance to practice them through internships and activities on campus. AUIS strikes a good balance between theory and practice. AUIS is truly unique in a sense there is always so much going on at campus. There is always an interesting guest lecture, an event organized by a student club, a debate, a match, and all of these helped me grow and opened up so many doors. My best times at AUIS were spent taking part in the activities by the student clubs, especially the AUIS student newspaper,Voice. I enjoyed the bittersweet moments and the teamwork while publishing the newspaper.  I learned to network and make connections at AUIS. My internship experiences during the last four years with the Iraq Oil Report publication, General Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in Erbil, Development Iraq, International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the Institute of Regional & International Studies (IRIS) were arranged through AUIS. You always find an AUIS staff member, professor, administrator, or alumnus ready to help - whether it is for a class or a job you need to find, or a personal problem. It was at AUIS that I learned how to give to others, without expecting to receive anything back, especially through volunteer work. And I am proud to say that AUIS taught me the true meaning of citizenship and how to engage with my society. At the same time, just like any other American liberal arts institution, it prepared me to be a global citizen where I can understand the complexity of issues in the world as well.    It was also because of the education I received in AUIS that I could go to the oldest graduate school of international relations in the United States.  Today as I sit in the class, I can make arguments and contribute to the discussions just like any other graduate student. AUIS prepared me well in those four years for graduate school in the United States because of its liberal arts style education. Are you an AUIS alumnus? Do you want to share your share your AUIS journey too? Send it to [email protected] along with one or more good resolution photos. It shouldn’t be more than 500 words, and the email message should be clearly labeled ‘AUIS Alumni Stories’. We would love to hear from you!  

AUIS Students Organize “Smile” Fundraiser for Refugees and IDPs

AUIS students organize a fundraiser for refugees
  The idea was initiated by Abdullah Mohammed Wajeeh and Nawfal Sattar Mohammed, two Academic Preparatory Program (APP) students in level 2, who were quickly joined by Hayas Ismail in level 3 and later by Zhiwar Jawhar Rasul in the Undergraduate program. They were supported by APP Instructor, Chris Guajardo, in organizing and setting up the activities. Both Abdullah and Nawfal had participated in the service learning project in the Fall, and wanted to continue and do something similar to give back to the community this semester. “I think that the event that these students created will really change the way in which fundraising is done here at AUIS,” said Guajardo, “They have set a new bar and provided fresh ideas for helping those who are most in need.” In three days, the students managed to raise $2,694.00 for the refugee camps. Over the course of three days, the students organized several interesting activities and events to raise the funds. Creative art pieces, photographs and handicrafts made by AUIS students were put on sale. A group of young and talented artists, The Iraqi Touch, participated by donating their art pieces for auction at the fundraiser. There were other fun activities like music, a cook-off, and hand painting. One of the highlights of the event was a guest lecture from renowned Kurdish artist, Ismail Khayat, who also donated prints of his artwork for the fundraiser. “I am extremely proud and amazed by what these students were able to accomplish. They put in weeks of planning, organizing, and networking, and it was all done under their already very busy schedules and workloads in APP and Undergraduate programs. These students have shown once again how creative, dedicated, and capable they truly are,” added Guajardo. Following the success of the fundraiser, the students are already thinking about making this an annual event at the University. The organizers would like to thank the AUIS community for their continued support, and in particular, the following people who helped and contributed to the event. Mr. Ismail Khayat, who contributed his artwork, time, and all printing of the photographs that were sold during the three days of the event for free as a donation. Masti Khalil and Saya Ahmad, organizers of the cook-off. Sanya Rzgar for her contributing art and craft work. The Iraqi Touch group for donating their artwork. All the photographers who contributed their work: Korak Agha, Rawand Taha, Hogr Hadi, Nvar Kawan, Hayas Ismail, Zhiwar Jawhar Rasul, Danyar Jalal, Rawand Ali, and all who volunteered their time. Mr. Oliver Keels, director of Student Services, and the Communications Office for their support.  See more photos of the event on our facebook page. 
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