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AUIS awards

Students Recognized at Annual AUIS Awards

  American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) recognized students for academic excellence and community service during the spring academic semester at the annual AUIS Awards held November 3, 2021. Awards were presented to students who achieved a GPA of 3.75-4.00 (President's Award), or 3.50-3.74 (Dean’s Award), or completed community service hours through the Students Services Department's Service Learning Program (SLP).   AUIS students achieved exceptional successes during the spring 2021 academic semester despite continued challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Awards are presented to students each semester to recognize outstanding academic performance and service to the community to foster a culture of motivation and hard work.   AUIS Dean of Students Dr. Barin Kayaoglu warmly welcomed students, staff, and faculty present at the ceremony and delivered a motivational speech in which he encouraged students to continue to work hard. Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Wolfgang Hinck also addressed the audience and emphasized the impressive achievements of students who earned high GPAs during difficult times.   Students received their certificates from both Dean Kayaoglu as well as AUIS President Dr. Bruce Walker Ferguson.   Written by Ghazala Jango

Students honored at Spring 2018 AUIS Awards

  AUIS students were recognized for their outstanding academic performance and community service during the previous semester at the AUIS awards on February 21, 2018. Students from the Academic Preparatory Program (APP) and Undergraduate degree programs received certificates for the President’s Award, Dean’s List, and Service Learning Program. Members of the Jessup Moot Court team were recognized for their win at the Iraq Qualifying Rounds and students Shavin Salih and Tara Burhan Mohammed were also announced as winners of the 2018 Essay Games. See full album on our official Facebook Page.

AUIS Awards

Awards will be given out to students for academic performance and community service in the following categories:  Undergraduate: President's Award, Dean's List, Community Spirit APP: Attendance Awards, Teacher's Awards, Director's Awards, Top Grades Service Learning Program The awards will be followed by an AUIS 10th anniversary photo and student party outside building A.  The event is open to all AUIS community. 

AUIS Spring 2016 Awards

  The AUIS awards are presented in Spring and Fall every year to recognize excellence in undergraduate academic performance and community service by students in one semester. The academic awards are presented in two categories: the President's Award for attaining a GPA between 3.76 - 4.0 and the Dean's Award for a GPA of 3.5 - 3.74. The event was hosted on March 30, 2016 by the Dean of Students, Geoffrey Gresk, who also presented the awards to the students. AUIS Interim President, Dr. Esther Mulnix, gave out the President's Award to the undergraduate students who had achieved the highest GPA in the last semester. Click on post below to view photo gallery of the awards ceremony.    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Congratulations to all the winners of the Spring 2016 Awards for exceptional academic performance and community... Posted by The American University of Iraq - Sulaimani on Saturday, April 9, 2016   The Service Learning Award was given to students for community service and volunteer work in one semester, and those who took part in the Alternative Spring Break visit to a refugee camp in Duhok. The purpose of the award is to foster a culture of service among AUIS students and to materially improve our communities. These awards are given for 20-30 hours, 30-40 hours (Silver), and for 40 or more hours (Gold) of community service. The AUIS Community Spirit Award went to Mohammed Salh Qadir and Farah Ali Mousa for special contrbution and commitment to the community within AUIS and outside of the University.    This semester, a special Student Appreciation Award was also presented to faculty members who have served the University for more than five years by the AUIS Student Association in recognition of their hard work. Daban Najmadeen, president of the Student Association, presented the awards to the professors on behalf of the student body.    Awards were also given out to the winners of the AUIS essay contest. The contest was won by Dima Assad in the Juniors/Senior category and by Sabah Tawfiq in the First Year/Sophomores category.   View photo gallery of the AUIS Spring 2016 Awards on our Facebook page.     

AUIS Spring 2015 Awards

April 7, 2015 - Every semester, the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) celebrates the success of its students and their exceptional academic performance. Speaking at this term’s Award Ceremony, the Dean of Students Geoffrey Gresk congratulated students for their achievements, and said, “These awards are being given for performance in one semester. You could earn one of these awards next year. Almost twice as many students earned awards this semester as last semester. That is excellent. I want us to do the same thing next semester.” Awards were given to students with high GPAs, most improved GPAs, student tutors, volunteers and the winners of an annual essay competition. The winners of the fourth annual Essay Games were awarded certificates and the sum of $200 and $300 as a prize in two categories based on the student’s year (freshmen/sophomore and junior/senior). A panel comprised of faculty members judged the essays in the competition. The Essay Games is open to all undergraduate students and has its origins in Eric Brown’s visit to AUIS as a guest speaker in 2011. He decided to donate his honorarium to the University in order to fund the prize for an essay contest, which came to be called the Essay Games. Gresk also encouraged students to be more proactive in serving their community and to participate in the Service Learning Program. The awards for volunteers went to a group of students who opted to serve their community during the entire week of their spring break, in what they call “Alternative Spring Break”. They spent the time with children in a refugee camp in Duhok. Biryar Bahhaalddin, one of the volunteers, spoke at the event, “I would like to thank my ‘volunteer family’. I learnt about serving humanity from them,” he said. “I still remember the song about Shingal that the children sang in the camps - Shingal malema (Shingal, our home) - and we assure them that it is their home forever.” Students were awarded in the following categories: President’s Award for earning a semester GPA of 3.75 - 4.0. Dean’s List for earning a semester GPA of 3.5-3.74. Most Improved Students for those who have most improved their cumulative GPA. Exceptional Civilization Tutor awards for recognizing a dedicated group of students for helping their peers to succeed in the World Civilization course. Alternative Spring Break awards to recognize the students who volunteered on a trip to a refugee camp in Duhok on Nawroz. The Fourth Annual Essay Games awards for the winners of the annual essay competition. See photos from the Spring 2015 Awards on our facebook page.

Fall 2014 Awards for Academic Excellence

  According to Geoffrey Gresk, dean of students, the awards recognize achievement and potential. “We are here to recognize excellence in our undergraduate students,” he said. “These are not awards for being born smart. These awards are being given for hard work done in the course of one semester. You have immense potential. Each and every one of you could be up on this stage next year.” The first certificate presented was the Dean’s Award to students who earned a GPA of 3.5-3.74.  Umniyah Nadhir, AUIS alum and a recipient of the award was pleased to be recognized for her academic efforts, “As a grad, it’s a really good way to go out and a nice way to re-connect with the academic community.” The Most Improved Student certificate was presented to students who were on probation and made the greatest improvement to their cumulative GPA. Mary Moore, academic counselor, was proud of what the students had achieved. “They all took the initiative to improve their studies, and they now have healthy GPA’s and are either working to improve or maintain their scores. It is great to see them out of probation and in their regular studies,” she said. A new award, the Exceptional Tutor for Civilization, was announced this year to recognize a dedicated group of students for helping their peers to succeed in the World Civilization course. Rawa Dilshad, an IT student, thinks that she has also benefited while coaching others. “When I began tutoring, I thought I was just helping others. But when I reconsidered it, I realized how much I have learned from the students I was coaching and from our coach Ms. Moore in the process.” Dawn Dekle, president of AUIS, gave out the President’s Award to nine students for earning the highest GPA of 3.75 – 4.0 in the spring semester. The last awards of the evening were given out to the winners of the inaugural Poet’s Game poetry competition. The certificates and cash prizes were awarded to the best poems submitted by undergraduate students, as judged by a panel of professors. The competition was won by Sara Jabbar in the freshman/sophomore category and Pshtewan Kamal Babakir in the juniors/seniors category. See photos of the awards on our facebook page  
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