Annual Cultural Heritage Symposium | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Annual Cultural Heritage Symposium

The 1st Annual Cultural Heritage Symposium

The forum, "Iraq Cultural Heritage in Crisis: Strategies for the Future" will convene prominent scholars, policy makers, government officials, cultural professionals and journalists from around the world to discuss the issues relating to cultural heritage in the region.  As Cultural Heritage Management requires local, regional, national, and inter-national collaboration to be successful; this symposium will provide a regular platform for addressing these issues and build ever-closer collaboration between the most important stakeholders around the world.  To achieve this goal, organizers are hosting a number of distinguished speakers from the region, Europe, and America to speak at the symposium. This year, the symposium convenes at a pivotal time. ISIS is systematically destroying the cultural heritage of northern Iraq, yet there is hope, as the recent opening of the Baghdad Museum highlights the positive role cultural heritage can play as an alternative to ISIS. Three sessions will convene to explore the value of cultural heritage, the illegal destruction and trade of cultural heritage, and the potential for cultural professionals to preserve Iraq's exceptional history.
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