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Student Association

AUIS students elect their Student Association every year through voting.

In November of 2013, students of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani voted by a nearly four-to-one margin to approve the student body’s first constitution. Free and fair elections have been held in November of 2013 and 2014, with the third election scheduled for November of this year.

The Student Association, officially known as the The Student Advisory Council, brings issues and proposals to the AUIS administration, which retains the right to make final decisions and approvals. The constitution states the Student Association will be composed of the Senate and Executive Board comprised of a president, vice-president and secretary. Each academic department with more than 25 students will elect two senators, who will have the power to raise motions and vote. The president will be directly elected by the entire student body, while the vice-president and secretary will be chosen by the Senate. It is the duty of all Senators to listen and address all student concerns, not only those relevant to their department.

The preamble of the Constitution of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani Student Association states:

"WE, the students of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, in order to represent the voice of the student body, to advance the interests and promote the welfare of the student body, to become an organ of the self-determination of the student body, to uphold and recognize the responsibilities of students to the university, subject to the authority of the AUIS Administration and by this Constitution, do hereby establish the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani Student Association."

This Student Association shall not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, creed, national origin, gender identity, disability, age, economic or social status, political opinions or affiliations, major or minor.

Student Association 2018-19

The following senators were elected to represent the AUIS student body for the academic year 2018-19 

Executive body Department/Position 
Sherzad Rahim Sharif President 
Davar Mohammed Abdulla  Social Sciences Senator / Vice President 
Ali Sarbaz  English Studies Senator / Secretary
Alhasan Ahmed Al-Nasiry Information Technology
Hussain Ari Sami   Information Technology
Sawa Syamand Hama Saleh Social Sciences Senator
Diwan Bakr Freshmen Senator
Garmian Othman Business Senator 
Abdulrahman Mohammed Jameel Engineering Senator
Bahashty Ali Rauf Math and Natural Sciences 
Ahmad Saeb Mohammed  Academic Preparatory Program Senator
Ahmad Saeed Ahmad  Academic Preparatory Program Senator

Sherzad Rahim Sharif
Students' Association President

Sherwan Rahim Sharif (Sherzad) was born in Urmiye, Iran. He is originally from Erbil but due to circumstances, his family resided in Iran. He graduated high school in general engineering in 2006. He has life experience in different countries, which allows him to speak six different languages fluently. He started studying Political Sciences at Salahaddin University in Erbil at 2007. He was elected as the president of Rojhelati Student Union in 2009-2012.
He Attended AUIS in 2014. He is an International Studies Major with double minors in Economics and Business Management.
He is the founder of Organization of Knowledge Development that was found in 2017, and was given permission by KRG. He was elected as senator of APP in 2015, simultaneously he was residence assistant at AUIS men's dormitory. 
In 2018, he was elected by majority of students as the President of The Students' Association.

Davar Mohammad Abdulla
Senator for International Studies 

He is a senior International Studies student. He is from the city of Hawler and has lived in Sulaimani for five years. He has minored in Iraqi law. 

Ali Sarbaz
Senator for Freshman Students, English and MLS

Originally from Kalar living in Hawler. He is an Engineering student and has been elected as Senator in 6th Cabinet Students' Association as well as President Secretary. 

Alhasan Ahmed Al-Nasiry
Senator for Information Technology

Originally from Baghdad, Alhasan has professional I.T experience due to his work in the field with the biggest companies in the country as a Senior Software Engineer. 
Alhasan revamped the I.T club holding various events and workshops. 
Elected as Senator for Information Technology

Hussain Ari Sami
Senator for Information Technology

Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1997, originally from Sulaimaniyah. Graduated high school in 2016 and came to AUIS to study Information Technology as a major and obtain double minor in Business Administration and Law. He speaks four languages fluently and has experience in graphic design and marketing. 

Sawa Syamand
Senator for Social Sciences

Sawa Syamand, she is a senior Social Science Department student with a minor in Law. She had a great time and many amazing memories at Auis. Regardless of all the issues students face each day at Auis, it is still her favorite place and she loves being part of this society because it made her who she is and what she is going to be in future which she is really grateful for that. Her goal to be part of the student association is supporting and improving our university overall not just her department. Although she is aware that the senators work really hard to solve students’ issue, there are still many issues left unsolved. Therefore, she wants to be a part of the SA to support them and the other students as well, and also to identify the main factors which are obstacles to get the solutions.

Diwan Bakr
Senator for Engineering

Diwan Bakr Mustafa from Sulaymaniyah Majoring in Engineering. He has been elected as Senator in 6th Cabinet Students' Association.

Garmian Othman
Business Studies Senator

Garmian Othman Mahmood He is majoring in Business and minoring in economics. He lives in sulaymaniah. He has been elected as the business  Senator of business Department in 6th Cabinet Students' Association.


Abdulrahman Mohammed Jameel
Senator for Engineering

Abdulrahman Mohammed Jameel from Anbar. He is an Energy Engineering Senior student and Minoring in Business Administration. He is a member of the Molecular and Simulation team at TU Berlin, and has been granted a conditional acceptance for a master study at the Thermodynamic and Energy engineering department in Paderborn University-Germany. He Studied Petroleum Engineering at Tikrit University for three years in the Refinery and Process department. Abdulrahman has been a member of AUIS basketball team since 2015 and a supervisor at AUIS gym. He has been elected as Senator of Engineering in the 6th Cabinet of Students' Association.


Bahashty Ali Rauf
Senator for Math and Natural Sciences 






Ahmad Saeed Ahmad
Senator for APP 

Originally from Kalar living in Sulaymaniyah. He is Majoring in Civil Engineering. He has been elected as an APP Senator in 6th Cabinet Students' Association.

Ahmed Saeb Mohammed
Senator for APP

From Salah Al-deen is majoring in English. He has been elected as the APP Senator in 6th Cabinet Students' Association.