Regular Admissions Round

The Regular Admissions Round is meant for serious applicants that want to review all of their admissions options, including the KRG zankoline and Iraqi university placement results, before making a final decision about AUIS.

The Regular Admissions Round applicants will ideally receive final admissions results in November after the KRG zankoline and Iraqi university placement results are announced. Exact timing of public university placements is not guaranteed.

Regular Admissions Round accepted applicants will be asked to legally commit to AUIS in November and legally forfeit their spot in the public university system.

Application Requirements

  1. Completed AUIS online application form
  2. Completed Baccalaureate score (or equalized equivalent)
  3. English Placement Test score (or equivalent)

Application and Testing Period

Sunday, October 1, 2017

  Online application period opens

Monday, October 9

  English Placement testing dates begin
Tuesday, November 14

  Application deadline

Wednesday, November 15

  Testing deadline

Applications will not be accepted after final deadline.

Delayed test results will not disqualify applicants.

Admissions Results

Monday, October 30, 2017

Regular Round results #1 announced

Monday, Novemeber 6

Regular Round results #2 announced

Thursday, Novemeber 30

Regular Round results #3 announced






Unclaimed acceptances will be considered withdrawn applications.

Accepted applicants can:

  1. Enroll - Legally commit to AUIS
  2. Decline - Cancel your spot at AUIS


Thursday, November 1, 2017

Regular Round enrollment date #1

Thursday, December 7

 Regular Round enrollment date #2 

Thursday, December 14

Regular Round enrollment date #3