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Language Courses

PDI offers English courses of a variety of levels to help students improve their general English language skills for work, personal development, or academic coursework preparation.

Courses are taught by experienced professors and utilize latest learning technology. We also offer basic Kurdish and Arabic language courses for expats and other individuals wishing to learn and/or improve their local language skills. 

A conversational Arabic language course to help you speak and understand Arabic.
This course focuses on improving your ability to hold conversations in English easily.   
A challenging course that will prepare you to write well in your career or in an academic program.   
Specifically designed for academics and professionals from middle and south Iraq, participants learn English while enjoying the beautiful nature of Sulaimani.
This course provides comprehensive exposure to the four important elements of English Language instruction: writing and grammar, reading, speaking and listening.
Prepare for TOEFL iBT and IELTS with emphasis on the four core skills tested by the exam: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  
A summer camp for children aged 13 to 17 to improve their English language skills with fun activities. 
This 80-hour intensive English course is aimed at students seeking admission to the Academic Preparatory Program (APP) at AUIS.
A course for those who wish to improve and expand their knowledge of Kurdish during their time in the region.