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Online Resources in the APP Labs

The APP Labs provide online language-learning opportunities for students. Here, students can find activities for reading, writing, grammar, and listening and speaking practice online. The labs are located in B-B1-09 and B-B1-03. 

The labs are open every day for APP students. At times they are reserved by teachers for classwork.  IT help can be found at the IT front desk at the building’s entrance. There are a total of 25 computers available for student remediation and practice and this number determines the number of students that may attend at any one time.

The software is loaded onto the computers in order for students to practice reading and listening skills. Also available are texts and writing prompts through the StudySync program, Quizlet  practices, and the below online resources: 

Ego4u: Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Study Tips!
Ego4u provides various approaches to improve your English. It has grammar subjects with grammar practices. Ego4u also has writing rules such as comma rules, dash rules, and others. If you want to improve your essays and paragraphs, ego4u is the best way to learn new vocabulary and daily communication. 

Many Things: Interesting Things for ESL Students
Stories, pronunciations, podcasts, idioms, vocabularies, and proverbs are easily explained.

Oxford University Press: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing!
Practice English irregular verbs and improve your listening and speaking skills by using different techniques.

Grammar and Writing

Both website provides useful explanations about the common mistakes.

ESL-Lab: Listening Practices
Don’t understand your English instructor and have difficulty communicating with your instructors? ESL-Lab has hundreds of stories and quizzes to make you speak English fluently.

Rong-Chang: Easy Reading for ESL (English as a Second Language) Beginners
200 easy readings for absolute beginners 

BBC Six Minutes English: Listening
BCC has different readings for intermediate students who can listen to the readings and read the transcripts. Learn unique words and daily used phrases to help you understand and speak with native speakers.

Study Sync: Listening and Writing
Have you ever wanted your instructor to review your paragraphs and essays? Then, Study Sync is the place for you to do your assignments and get feedbacks.

Using English: Advanced Students
A large collection of ESL tools and resources for students, teachers, learners and academics, covering the full spectrum of ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP subject areas.

Storynory: Audio Stories (Listening)
One of the most interesting resources to improve English and know different stories of different cultures.

English Club: Listening  
The best way to improve listening skill is to use different techniques, such as dictations and listening to English radios podcasts. English Club provides you all the ways. English as 2nd Language: Listening
English listening quizzes to improve listening skills.

Exam Pracice ( Grammar, Reading, Writing. TOEFL)
Free English Tests and Exercies Oneline


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