Sulaimani Forum

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 10:30

The last few years have seen unprecedented chaos, upheaval and transformation in the Middle East and North Africa. From the Arab Spring to the onset of Daesh, internal conflict, changing power dynamics, humanitarian disasters and mass migration have left the region reeling from instability and an uncertain future. Amidst conflict and change, the Sulaimani Forum has provided a unique platform to debate and look for durable solutions to these critical issues.

In just four years, the Sulaimani Forum has evolved into one of the region’s premier hubs for innovative policy debates at the heart of the Middle East, attracting an exceptionally prestigious and diverse audience from all over the world.

From discussing the catalysts and impact of the Arab Spring to the rapidly changing power dynamics of the Middle East, and to understanding the onset and rapid spread of extremism. From discussing the catastrophic social impact of the humanitarian crisis and the financial meltdown to analyzing new dynamics in the region, the Forum has brought together international experts, political leaders, academics, and journalists to engage in candid, open and meaningful dialogue to tackle the complex issues facing the region.

At the Forum, the challenge is not only to discuss, but to look for solutions to the crisis facing the region. This year, dialogue aims to move the Middle East and North Africa beyond the current cycle of conflict. For more information about the upcoming Sulaimani Forum on March 8-9, 2017, please visit the Forum website