Marketing | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani


This concentration of the AUIS MBA program was created to meet the aspirations of students who want to deepen their marketing knowledge for the benefit of their businesses or professional careers. After taking the MBA’s core marketing class, students who choose this concentration will go on to enhance their knowledge of market research and analysis, marketing communications, and strategic marketing. 

Students on this track will learn how to use market research for launching new products or services and to improve the market share of existing products or services, how to communicate with target markets and prospective customers, and how to design an effective strategic marketing plan, all of which are critical to creating and maintaining a sustainable competitive enterprise. 


MKT 620: Market Research and Analysis

This course provides an in-depth study of market research in order to provide students with necessary tools and techniques for collecting and analyzing information used in determining whether there is a market for a proposed product or service, to specify target markets and customers, and to select the optimal marketing processes and methods. It includes the design and conduct of market research, which includes both quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as analysis of the results. Such research and analysis helps entrepreneurs to make wise and profitable decisions regarding products or services, ultimately maintaining competitiveness.

MKT 630: Marketing Communications

This course is complementary to Market Research and Analysis. It includes how to communicate with target markets and customers by deploying various messages and media. It covers various communications strategies and techniques such as: advertising, public relations, product placement, personal selling, promotion, sponsorship, and direct marketing. It also introduces how to create an effective marketing mix that will lead to the enterprise achieving its short and long-term goals.

MKT 640: Strategic Marketing

This capstone course of the marketing concentration focuses on combining all the marketing goals of an enterprise into a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that effectively distinguishes it from its competitors and improves its market share. It builds on the previous marketing courses, utilizing the knowledge gained to form a comprehensive plan aimed at optimizing the competitive position of the enterprise by overcoming the challenges and taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by its environment. It covers how to utilize the enterprise’s inherent strengths via strategic marketing plans to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.  Various marketing simulation techniques may be utilized in the course.