Lazo Jazaa Mohammed, Adjunct Lab Instructor | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Lazo Jazaa Mohammed, Adjunct Lab Instructor

Has worked in different specialties during the last 10 years including different clinical labs and hospitals. Has over 4 years of experience as Lab Assistant at AUIS. Has received her MSc in Nano-Analytical Chemistry from the University of Sulaimani. Now teaching different lab courses at AUIS. Researches and publications focus on using Nano-chemistry in different fields.


1. Mohammed, L.J., Omer, K.M. Carbon Dots as New Generation Materials for Nanothermometer: Review. Nanoscale Res Lett 15, 182 (2020).
2. Mohammed, L.J., Omer, K.M. Dual functional highly luminescence B, N Co-doped carbon nanodots as nanothermometer and Fe3+/Fe2+ sensor. Sci Rep 10, 3028 (2020).