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Social Media Standards

Blogs, social networks and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are exciting new channels for AUIS communicators and their colleagues to share knowledge and connect with key audiences, including students and others who may not consume traditional media as frequently as others. AUIS supports this kind of participation in online communities. Because social media channels are fairly new and evolving every day, we have provided a set of guidelines to help you with using these forums effectively. 

Only authorized representatives of AUIS may create account for the University. If you are interested in creating an AUIS social media account for your division, department, unit or organization please contact the Communications Office at [email protected].

Social Media Planning:

If you would like establish a social media presence for your division consider your:

Purpose: Clearly define your goals and expectation.

Audience: Identify who you are trying to reach so you can select the channel and content most appropriate for you audience.

Team: Designate one person who will be primarily responsible for managing the channel.

Content: Plan to create appropriate content for your audience that will engage them in authentic conversation.

Measuring Success: Decide how you will evaluate the success of your social media efforts. 

Development of Social Media Outlets:

Authorization: You need to have the authorization of the Communications Office before creating an AUIS social media account. 

Naming Standards: AUIS should be listed prior to the name of your division.

Strategy: Based on your target audience, your platform, content, media and insights should all be part of a specific strategy that is in line with the University's institutional goals. 

Platform: Choose a platform most appropriate to reach and interact with your target audience. Contact the Communications Office if you would like guidance.

AUIS Brand: Please use AUIS's Visual Identity Guide to ensure you utilize the standard graphic and components of the AUIS brand. 

Content Provider: The Director or Department Chair will appoint administrative rights to the appropriate personnel. If this person leave their position with the University, then the Director or Chair will be responsible for the removal of their access. 

For more information, please see the Social Media Standards