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APP Dismissal and Readmission Policy

APP Academic Dismissal Policy

A student may repeat any APP level no more than three times. A third failure in the same level will result in dismissal from AUIS.

  • Dismissals are issued on the 2nd day of each term, after the TOEFL results have been submitted to APP Admin.
  • A letter will be emailed and placed into the student's permanent file.
  • The change of Enrollment status will be made in Topschool. 

Students who are dismissed may reapply to AUIS after one full semester, as long as they present a TOEFL score to place them in the next APP level.

APP Readmission Policy

A candidate for readmission to the Academic Preparatory Program is an individual who was admitted and attended APP previously.  A readmission applicant is defined as one who failed to enroll for a semester (Perm Dropped), withdrew, or was academically dismissed (failed the same level three times).   

  • Students dismissed from APP due to academic integrity or behavioral issues are not eligible for readmission to APP.   
  • By applying for readmission, a candidate understands that he/she will be viewed as a new student with a new enrollment contract.  Readmitted students are responsible for the graduation requirements, tuition, and academic policies that exist at the time of re-entrance.
  • Readmitted students must take the TOEFL iBT within one month of their readmission application.  
  • If granted readmission, the results from the iBT TOEFL (and only the iBT TOEFL score) will determine their new level of entry.  

The Director of Admissions and the Director of APP require an applicant for readmission to file a letter containing such supplementary information as is needed for proper consideration:

  • Submit a personal statement explaining the reasons for your withdrawal, how those reasons have been addressed, and why you are applying for readmission now.
  • Submit a letter from your physician stating the status of your health if you withdrew for medical reasons.
  • Secure a clearance from the AUIS Counselor if you withdrew for psychological reasons.

Students under academic dismissal are eligible for readmission after one full APP term off. They should present evidence of successful changes as part of their application for readmission. Applications for readmission are reviewed individually. Decisions are based upon such factors as previous level of achievement, reasons for withdrawal, the candidate’s potential for successfully completing a degree program, positive social review, and institutional capacity.


  • Fall Semester: September 1
  • Spring Semester: January 1
  • Summer Semester: May 1

Process of Readmission 

  1. Complete and file the application for readmission to the Admissions Office.
  2. Include letter from physician, counselor or self regarding academic update.
  3. A personal interview may be required as circumstances warrant.

The above steps must be completed before action can be taken on your application. Completion of all admissions procedures is the responsibility of the applicant. 

APP Administration Process for Readmission

  1. APP Director and Deputy Director review the application to see if the student is eligible for readmission. 
  2. The APP DRC (Dismissal and Readmission Committee) meets to review each case.
  3. APP DRC is made up of the APP Director, Deputy Director, APP Student Records Coordinator, and 2-4 APP Faculty members.  
  4. If readmitted, the APP Director emails the AUIS Register to change status, and complete the process for readmission into APP.