Student Complaints | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Student Complaints

Students are strongly encouraged to resolve any class-related problems directly with their teacher.  If they are unable to find a solution with their teacher, APP students can file a formal complaint using the following procedures.  The Student Complaint form is available on Moodle.

Steps for Students:

  • Students who have a complaint against an instructor should contact the instructor to attempt to resolve this issue.
  • If the issue is not resolved, the student may submit a formal complaint using the APP complaint form.  To complete the form, the student must explain in writing what happened. The student should also include any email correspondence with the instructor or other relevant documentation to support the complaint. The student should submit the completed form and supporting documentation to the Deputy Director.
  • The Deputy Director will review the complaint and arrange a meeting with the student and instructor to resolve the issue. The complaint form will be signed by the student, instructor, Deputy Director, and Director, and will be kept in the instructor’s file.