Shakir (Muhammad Usman), Adjunct Lecturer | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Shakir (Muhammad Usman), Adjunct Lecturer

Jan Warner Scholar, CGDS
Office: B-F1-40

Dr. Shakir is an Adjunct Lecturer and First Jan Warner Scholar. He holds an interdisciplinary PhD. that is grounded in historical inquiry of the conflict among Shias, Sunnis and Yazidis in Kurdistan that includes prospects for peace and the way forward. The title of his thesis is "History of Shia, Sunni and Yazidi Conflict: A Political, Social or Religious Conflict and its Impact on the Peace Process in the Middle East," with special focus on Kurdistan, northern Iraq. Along with a master’s degree in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation Studies, he also holds an MA in English and an MA in Urdu literature. He has practical experience with national and international educational institutions and organizations in Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, Austria and the Middle East. His academic research focuses on peace, conflict and security studies and highlights how religion, politics, education systems, culture, gender and the idea of nation-state can be used to achieve personal or political goals and how they can foster conflict.

He completed his MA, PhD and other research projects using qualitative research methods including, but not limited to interviewing, hermeneutics, hermeneutic strategies, and transformative research. Additionally, for the data analysis and comparison, he used the mimetic theory of desire and the theory of epistemic violence. He has published and presented his research internationally and his publications include “Islam & Pakistan: A Critical Analysis” “Yazidis: A Tale of Lost, Found and Misunderstood Legacy in the Light of Mimetic Theory” “Epistemological Violence against the Yazidi Community: A Historical Perspective” “The Idea of Female Muezzins and Imams in Islam: A Challenge to the Pakistani Patriarchs” and “Religião, Islã e os Equívocos Sobre o Islã” “Maria e Jesus no Islã” (in Portuguese).

He is also working on a book The Kurds: A Concise Encyclopedia of Past, Present and the Way Forward, which soon will be published. Since fall 2020, he has held the part-time position of a researcher and Adjunct Lecturer in the Social Sciences and English Departments at AUIS, where he has taught courses on Israel and Palestine Conflict, Gender and Islam, Kurdish History, Gender and Genocide and Modern Civilizations as well as he has supervised "Capstone Project."

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