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You do not have to cheat to pass. Here are some tips to help you stay out of a situation where you think cheating is the only option.

Many of the cheating cases come from students waiting until the last minute to start big projects.

Plan your time. At the beginning of the semester, look at the syllabus and make a plan for completing the essays, projects, presentations, etc. for the entire semester. Break a big project up into smaller pieces.

Ignorance plays a role in many of the cases that come to my office. Your professors and I are here to teach you, but you are responsible for your own learning. Educate yourself. If you have a question about citation, group work, what is honest and what is not, please speak to me, speak to your professor or look to a reliable online source.

For plagiarism questions, these are the best sources:

Speak with your professors early and often. If you are lost, speak with her or him as soon as possible. It is easier for your professor to help you in Week 3 than in Week 13.

Additional Resources: