About | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani


The Communications Office at AUIS develops strategies for communicating the University’s mission, vision and brand to its internal and external audiences.

We are responsible for strategic communications, graphic design, digital media and cultivating relationships with media organizations to promote the university and increase its visibility. 

We work on initiatives to help increase the visibility of the University with the aim of attracting the students, faculty and staff members who will thrive here. We strive to be a resource to our faculty, students and alumni and wish to foster engagement with all the University’s departments and associations. We are involved in proactive newsgathering operations and work closely to promote and publicise the events and initiatives happening on and off campus. 

We promote the institutional identity of the University and have provided resources on our website that empower our faculty members, staff and students to be ambassadors of the AUIS brand. Our office offers graphic design services to help the different departments at the University meet their communication goals. We create effective and appealing designs for various projects and marketing needs to support the University's overarching objectives. 

We consider ourselves a bridge to local, regional, national and international media organizations and invite members of the media to contact us. Media outlets regularly draw on the expertise of AUIS faculty and staff members. The AUIS Media Book provides a list of selected AUIS faculty and staff who are available to comment on a variety of subjects.