Information Technology Capstone Projects - Fall 2017 | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Information Technology Capstone Projects - Fall 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017 - 15:45


Senior Information Technology students presented their capstone projects. Below is a description of each of the projects:

Travel Website and Recommendation System by Bahashty Fatah:
- Travel Website and Recommendation System is a website that helps travelers around the world with suggested places to visit and tour.

Fitted by Shene M. Tahir:
- Fitted is a website that tries to connect trainees to trainers who are leading professionals in fitness around Sulaimani for workout advice.

Automated Malware Analysis in Virtual Reality by Hussein A. Shahab:
- Automated Malware Analysis is a virtual reality application that helps analysts to detect malware efficiently in a very short amount of time.

Loro Translator: Speak the Language of the Globe by Ahmed Aram:
- Loro Translator is a platform that helps translators and people who are looking for one to meet and negotiate on a professional level on the medium, time, and date of the job.

Color Learning System by Kazei Soran:
- Color Learning System is an Arduino-based model that helps children with autism learn colors. The system does the acclaimed by visuals and sounds. In addition, when stage two activates, a game of Simon Says with colors challenges the user, testing their memory.

Path Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms by Chra Hussein:
- Path Optimization Using Generic Algorithms is a project that helps cable companies, especially Internet Service Provides, minimize cost and maximize speed through generic algorithms that can suggest the right approach to implement.

Auto Ordering System by Rawezh Muhammad:
- Auto Ordering System is a cafe/restaurant application that helps customers to digitally order foods and drinks, track preparation timing, and call a waiter on request.

Vision Shoe Mirko Mohammed:
- Vision Shoe is a smart shoe that aims to replace canes for visually impaired people. With this technology, the wearer will have the confidence to walk around without stumbling.

Medication Reminder Mobile Application by Sina Kamiran:
- Medication Reminder is an Android mobile application that helps patients and/or nurses to schedule medication doses.

SuliSights by Dalia Rebin:
- SuliSights is a smart TV application that helps tourists find restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, outdoor sights, historical monuments, and events easily. In addition, users can add reviews to the application helping other tourists with their endeavor while staying at Sulaimani city.