International Applicants

AUIS offers an American-style liberal arts education to students of any nationality. 

AUIS currently has students enrolled from all over Iraq, the Middle East, Europe and the world. In order to qualify for admission, applicants must do the following:

  1. Fill out the Information Form
  2. Equalize high school degree into the Iraqi Baccalaureate system

Equalizing Your High School Degree

Any applicant to AUIS that completed his or her high school degree outside of Iraq must equalize their score into the Iraqi system through the KRG Ministry of Education, Directorate of Exams.

AUIS has no role in the process of equalization or responsibility for the final outcome. The process and requirements vary by country and is the sole responsibility of the KRG Ministry of Education, Directorate of Exams.

General Process

  1. AUIS will issue a letter requesting high school degree equalization
  2. Applicant prepares the following documents:
    • Copy of passport from home country (including visa and residency information, if necessary)
    • Official high school transcript from home country
    • Official high school tests from your home country (tests vary by country)
  3. Applicant submits documents to the Directorate of Exams in Erbil, KRG, Iraq in person

Example: United States

  • United States passport
  • Official high school transcript from US high school
  • Official SAT and SAT II (math, physics) test results

*Students wishing to study Engineering or Information Technology must obtain their overall score and preferred subject scores in physics and math.

*Students wishing to study English-Journalism must obtain their overall score and preferred subject score in English.

Transfer Credits
To be eligible for transfer credits, an applicant enrolling at AUIS should:
  1. Submit physical copy of official university transcript to Admissions Office or PDF of official transcript to
  2. Allow 1-3 weeks for AUIS to reply to transfer credit request; transcript will be viewed by relevant Department Chair and Registrar
  3. Receive final form (either PDF or physical copy) that outlines transcript credits granted
  4. AUIS will attempt to give final answer before final enrollment decision

How to Apply

After the equalization process is finished, applicants must submit the AUIS Application Form. Applicants will receive a PDF version of the Application Form after submitting the Information Form.

Additionally, all applicants must complete an English proficiency exam to be admitted, regardless of nationality. Students can submit official score reports for the following tests to

  • TOEFL IBT (only official ETS providers)
  • TOEFL PBT (only official ETS providers)
  • IELTS (only official British Council providers) 

Students can also take an English proficiency exam at AUIS. The TOEFL ITP can be taken at AUIS (applicants must fill out the Information Form before registering for the TOEFL ITP).


If accepted, applicants must visit AUIS to enroll. When visiting AUIS to sign his or her contract and pay deposits, applicants must bring original copies of the following documents:

  • Completed application form (with stamps and signatures)
  • Equalized certification (signed letter and stamp on application form)
  • 2 passport size photos (as detailed on application form)
  • Official test results report of TOEFL IBT or IELTS
New and current students may apply for external credits to be transferred to their AUIS records. AUIS will not consider transfer credit unless an external institution has already formally issued credits.
University students from anywhere in the worlds are eligible to study abroad at AUIS.