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Get in Touch

To begin the undergraduate admission process at AUIS, you can:

Visit our campus:

AUIS recommends that you visit the AUIS campus to learn more about our University and begin the application process. A campus visit allows you to meet the Admissions staff and view the modern facilities at our campus.

Currently, AUIS Admissions Office holds information sessions in Kurdish and Arabic five days a week, from Sunday to Thursday.

For applicants who can speak only English, the Admissions Office recommends that you email [email protected] in advance to set up an English-language appointment.

During your first visit, you can expect to:

  • Participate in a half an hour-long information session about the university, our academic programs, enrollment requirements, the application process and English placement test process.
  • Complete a 1-page prospect information sheet. This sheet asks for basic demographic information and contact details, so that we can stay in touch after your visit.
  • Receive your Admission number and required information for our online application.
  • Meet your Admissions Adviser. The Admissions Adviser will support you during the application process, from your first visit until you are accepted. (See Step 2 for more details)



 Time of Day

Kurdish    and Arabic  

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

10:00 am and 11:00 am

Please note that a campus visit typically takes about one hour, so please make sure to arrange your schedule in a way that you can attend the full version of the information session.

By the end of the information session you will be ready to start your online application process. 

Visit us online: AUIS Website Inquiry

If you can’t visit the AUIS campus, you may begin the online application form through the AUIS website.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the online form and complete all the information. Filling out this form will tell us that you are interested in applying to our university online and want to begin the online application form.
  • After filling out the online information form, you will receive a notification to your personal emails that the AUIS Admissions Office has received your information.Within 1-3 working days, AUIS will respond with a more detailed email that includes:
  • Admissions Number and the link to the online application form
  • The name of Admissions Adviser who will help you all the way from the start of the online application process to the acceptance stage.


The email address you will write here will be used for all the future communications.

Please use your own personal email. If you don’t have an email account, please create one, and make sure that you remember its username and password.

Please note that the online information form is not an application form; it is only a way to establish contact with our Admissions team.

Call Us

For more information regarding application process you can call Admissions office at 0770 461 5555 – 0772 773 7388.