FYE Social Activities | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

FYE Social Activities

Social Activities for First Year Experience Engagement

1.     Sports Corner: Students will learn how to play sports will fostering new friendships.

2.     Chess Hour: Students will practice new chess strategies, critical thinking skills and engage with the broader AUIS community.

3.     Tea Hour: Students will bond with teachers in a non-academic setting and social across disciplines.

4.     Lifting Weights in Iraq (girls only): Students will learn basic exercises for strength training.

5.     You Tube Can Oragami: Students will learn how to origami through teacher led instruction and You Tube videos.

6.     Hiking: Students will appreciate nature, learn proper trash disposal and foster teamwork

7.     Cell Phone Photography: the Non-Selfie: Students will learn how to use filters to enhance their photographs.

8.     Ultimate Frisbee: Students will use collaboration and teamwork to win a game.

9.     Field Day: Students will network with students outside their levels.

10.  Art Club: Students will learn different visual art techniques.

11.  How to Cook on a Hot Plate: Dorm students will learn how to cook quick, nutritious food on a hot plate.

12.  Snakes and Cemetery: Students will share ghost stories/scary literature in the cemetery. Ss will appreciate storytelling and engage with Ss from different levels.

13.  Reading Club: Students will develop a love for reading literature.

14.  How to be Vegetarian in Sulaimani: Sudents will learn how to cook and eat healthily without meat in their diet.

15.  Thanksgiving Movie Night: Students will learn about American cultural holiday and make new friends.

16.  Trash to Treasure: Students will use reclaimed materials to make visual boards.

17.  AUIS Paper Free Day (campus wide): Students and teachers will operate without paper while satisfying all learning outcomes.

18.  Environmental Keepers (Student led club): Students will engage with the Environmental Keepers Club to learn environmental best practices.

19.  Community Club (Student led): Students will make friends within the AUIS community through social engagement.

20.  Unity Club (Student led): Students will engage in social activities to foster cross-cultural friendships.