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Future Leaders Program

What Makes a Great Leader?


Great leaders aren’t born; they are made. AUIS is shaping tomorrow’s leaders of Iraq with its Future Leaders Program (FLP). This free two-week program invites prospective students to participate in project based workshops to promote leadership. Students will cultivate leadership skills, become effective team members and improve their English language skills. The program strengthens critical thinking, enhances communication skills and develops a strong work ethic while reinforcing the values of good citizenship and personal integrity.

During the first week of the program, students will analyze the qualities of famous leaders throughout history and decide which qualities will help them best grow as leaders. They will put these qualities to the test as they work in small groups to design a country and its government. Students will learn presentations skills and present their countries to an audience. Not only will the students improve their English as they develop leadership skills, they will also experience the community of AUIS and make new friends. These skills and friendships will last long after the program is over.

The second week of the program focuses on student ownership of an activity. Working in small teams, students will plan an activity to teach other students. They will design the activity, assign roles, draft a budget and produce a seminar to teach the other groups. The week will end with a leadership conference in which students hold seminars for one another. The students will learn new skills and vote on the best seminar. Certificates will be awarded.

"We know this is a great university, and clearly we want students to enroll here. But even if these students do not enroll at AUIS, we hope to spend two wonderful weeks with these amazing new students. I think everyone in Kurdistan could use a time in which we come together, learn some new skills, meet some new people and laugh together as a community. That is our goal." Rachel Gresk, APP director. 


By Alex Poppe