Formally and legally enroll at AUIS | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Formally and legally enroll at AUIS

Accepted applicants will take the printed and stamped Support Letter (stamped by Admissions Office) to their high schools to request the original copy of their certificates.

After obtaining the original copy of the certificate from the high school, it has to be verified by the Directorate of Education which the high school is a member. The verified application form by Admissions office also needs to be stamped and verified by the Directorate of Education and the high school.

Enrollment Process

Accepted applicants must attend the Enrollment session to legally admit to AUIS by signing the enrollment contract and delivering the required documents. This contract will be in English, Kurdish and Arabic languages.

The Admission Office will give a detailed presentation about the enrollment and financial contracts and any other relevant documents.

Accepted applicants will be able to ask questions and request corrections if there are mistakes in their names, baccalaureate scores or tuition.

On Enrollment date, accepted applicants will:

  • Sign enrollment contract
  • Pay tuition deposit of $500 USD (non refundable)
  • Give back verified application form
  • Give the original high school certificate
  • Give photocopies of identity IDs

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

After completion of the enrollment process, the applicant is officially a new student in AUIS records, with all the privileges, rights and responsibilities associated with this status.

New students will decline all other university offers.

The full information of new students will be reported to the Ministry of Higher Education for the KRG, meaning a legal commitment to AUIS has been made.

Financial invoices will be issued after the first two weeks of classes in each semester.