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English as a Second Language (ESL) Course

The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani’s Professional Development Institute (PDI) supports individuals, organizations, and professional groups with courses and programs covering a wide range of subjects, including English language studies.  

The English language is universally spoken and is the language of business, science, the internet and entertainment. English is the first and foremost criteria whether you are applying for a job or you are seeking admission into a reputable college, university or institution. English language skills expand employment opportunities not only in Iraq but internationally. Companies and international organizations welcome candidates who have good English language skills.

Whether you are preparing for the TOEFL exam or simply want to enhance your English language capabilities, PDI will provide comprehensive exposure to the four important elements of English Language instruction: writing and grammar, reading, speaking and listening.

What our customers say about the course:

 “The teacher helped me to speak English because before I came there, I was afraid to make a mistake.” 
ESL student

“The teacher was excellent in learning, funny in style while teaching, and did very good background review before starting teaching.” 
ESL student

“I think the best part was the speaking time, and it was very useful.”
ESL student

“She is perfect teacher.  She is simple to understand, gives information in a funny way, makes learning English more exciting.  She is friendly, but she controls the class well.” 
ESL Student

“The teacher can speak in a way all of us can understand very well.” 
ESL student

Is this course for you?

Prospective students should take an English language course at AUIS if they wish to:

  • Prepare themselves for the internationally recognized internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL® iBT) and IELTS
  • Improve their English language capability
  • Go to an English speaking country to study or work
  • Gain entry into universities around the world where English is the language of instruction

Why take this course with PDI?

PDI's English language courses are effective because: 

  • All PDI instructors are native-English speakers.
  • All PDI Instructors have a Baccalaureate or Master’s degree.
  • With the backing of an entire university behind it, PDI has a wealth of resources, knowledge and expertise to draw from and to assist you.
  • PDI classes are small in size (maximum 20 students per class).

Placement Test

Prior to enrollment, all students are required to take an English Placement exam.

Based on the results of this exam, students will be assigned a class that best matches their current level of English comprehension.

To see the course information (fees, schedule, etc...) please visit the PDI Calendar.

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For more information about our English language courses or about registration: 

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