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Engineering Club Hosts First Spaghetti Bridge Competition

Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 11:15

The winning bridge could bear weight up to 54.59 kilograms! 

The Engineering Club hosted the first ever Spaghetti Bridge Competition at AUIS on the April 23, 2016. Eighteen teams from AUIS took part in the competition, where the bridges were evaluated against aesthetics, load bearing capacity and efficiency. The projects were also open for public viewing at the event. 

The bridges were constructed only from spaghetti and glue. On the day of the competition, the teams were called on to present their spaghetti brigde on stage, two at a time. Each team was asked to attach loading buckets with sand and/or metal weights to their bridges, until they collapsed, to gauge how much weight they could bear. 

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AUIS Spaghetti Bridge Competition

In the first round, team Mathletics reached the highest bearing capacity of 32.24 kilograms. In the second round, team Panja Gawhare was leading among the five others teams with a bearing capacity of 54.59 kilograms. However, only achieving the highest bearing capacity wasn’t the only factor that determined the winner; seventy percent of the points were determined by the efficiency of the bridge which takes into account both the bearing capacity and the bridge mass. The judges included AUIS faculty members Dr. Ashty Qazzaz, Dr. Nihad Baban, and Mr. Philip Hittelpole; AUIS alumna Nawa Shorsh, and Mr. Arsalan Anuar, site manager at Malia Group. 

In the end, the winners of the competition were Panja Gawhare, Mathletics, and Winner’s Team, who placed first, second, and third, respectively. Special thanks to all judges, volunteers, the executive committee of the Engineering Club, Ms. Raguez Taha, the faculty advisor, Mr. Peshawa Luqman, and the competitors for their participation. Additionally, a special thanks to White Media Production and Jaam Company for sponsoring the competition. 

Contributed by Engineering Club members Mohammed Badeea and Zanwer Rasul. Photos by Communications volunteers Hawta Ali and Wud Salam.