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Engineering Club Internship at Malia group

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 11:15


Student blog by Zanwer Hasan, vice president of the Engineering Club

The Engineering Club arranged many activities throughout this semester such as projects, workshops, competitions, and internships. In the previous semester, our engineering students visited Malia Group’s construction site of Magma Square Mall. This summer, the Engineering Club and Mr. Arsalan Anuar, Site Manager at Malia Group, organized internships for two sets of five students. The interns had the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge into a practical environment.

They learned that while constructing an infrastructure, project management is vital to completing the work efficiently with good quality. Mr. Arsalan shared two important lessons with the students: how to manage a project, and, more importantly, to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest technology. From Mr. Amr Zuhr they learned how to use levels and how to use the tools for surveying as well as engineering knowledge outside of the main project such as building roads. Additionally, they learned how to make estimations and how to use tools in the lab, better cementing their theoretical knowledge.

While the students gained a lot from this internship, they still have much to learn from experienced professional engineers but should not fear putting their best foot forward and to make mistakes while learning. The interns visited the construction site again in September to see the project’s progress. All interns will be provided with a certificate of completion. For those who are interested in an internship in the future, stay alert for announcements from the Engineering Club.

Quotes from the participating students:

“It was an opportunity for me as a student to gain practical work experience in the field of engineering, and to apply the theoretical parts of engineering I have learned in college into the real world. Also, it let me overcome the fear of not having enough knowledge to work and interact with professional engineers."  - Lavin Hassan Othman


"Working with the Malia Group was one of the most productive experiences I have had so far. We learned in a month what we could have learnt in almost 3 years. We got to learn what working on a construction site looks like, and how to deal with people that you work with, and most importantly, how to manage things and keep them all in order."- Hona Bestoon


“I have learned two main and great parts: the first one is how I could manage a project, mainly by being a good manager and to not show your muscles to the workers. Second, the most important one was a moral lesson, “Please, as an engineer, do not try to hide your information from the others."- Brwa Mohammed


“We've spent most of the time with Mr. Amr, he was from Akre. We were basically shown everything from designing and building the foundation of the buildings, to testing the concrete used in the project. I've learnt a lot from them, and with Mr. Amr we even talked about things outside the project, like how they build roads and how to use levels and tools to measure the areas we build on.” - Basta Seerwan


“It was really good and helpful for me. I have leant many things about foundations, surveying, concrete, post stationed, total station. And they helped us a lot by allowing us to participate in their work.”- Lelo Khaled


“This is my first internship and it was more than great. It helped me to understand the importance of the material I am studying and how it applies to the reality. Saying thank you is not enough because you gave us the opportunity to participate.”- Basman Najdat


“My experience at Malia Group was beneficial in many ways. For the first time since I’ve started studying Engineering I was able to see the theoretical part of my classroom lectures come to life. I saw how different parts of a building are constructed; foundations, columns, girders, slabs, walls, and the list go on. I was taught how to calculate estimations for concrete, steel, stair cases, tiles, and foundations. I learned how to level and use total station (which I had never heard of prior to the internship).  I was taken to the lab where I saw how they test the strength of concrete cubes. It was a great experience and I learned a lot!” - Soma Jamal


“With spending hours and hours under the sun you get to learn how to deal with life in a more mature way. Meeting new people, indirectly learning how to manage a construction site, enhancing team work ability and practically applying what we have been taught in the classrooms were truly a life changing experience.” - Mohammed Badeea