AUIS CACHE researchers present two academic papers at ASOR

Dr. Tobin Hartnell, director of CACHE, and Mrs. Yalda Razmahang, a CACHE researcher, both presented at the annual conference of the American School of Oriental Research (ASOR) in San Diego this week. The conference took place between Nov. 20 - 23 and represents the largest American conference related to the archaeology and cultural heritage of the ancient Near East in the United States. Dr. Tobin Hartnell presented an analysis of a religious site from Bronze Age Iran. He also served as the session chair for the Anthropological and Theoretical Approaches to the ancient Near East. Darrell Rohl (Calvin College) served as co-chair for the session.

Dr. Tobin presented about the historical significance of water in Elamite religion

Mrs. Yalda Razmahang was the lead presenter on the latest from the AUIS' investigations of ancient Ashur, the religious capital of Assyria. CACHE has been working since July 2019 to documenting ISIL's cultural heritage destruction of the ancient city. Thank you to the Australian Embassy for supporting the first phase of this project. Thank you to the Minister of Culture, His Excellency Abdulamir al-Hamdani, for your continued support. Thank you to the people of Sherqat for welcoming us at Ashur.

Yalda Razmahang (Ph.D. Candidate at Lyon 2) presented about CACHE's work at Ashur

Mrs. Razmahang explains how the project took over 12,000 photos of Ashur as a precursor to making a new 3D map (Photo: Tobin Hartnell, AUIS CACHE)

CACHE plans to resume work at Ashur as early as January 2020.