50th Anniversary Conference of the University of Sulaimani

Over the last 18 months, the Dutch Consulate in Erbil sponsored an undergraduate research project on the Political Economy of Refugees and IDPs in Iraqi Kurdistan. Whilst there is an abundance of NGOs attempting to support the displaced during this crisis, there is comparative little research. Our project sought evidence for unprogrammed responses, those outside of government policy, of the displaced. Whilst refugees and IDPs appear powerless, these unprogrammed responses are the refugees acting strategically and suggest that the displaced actively seek to empower themselves, particularly by improving their livelihood.

Dr. Tobin Hartnell oversaw the project together with five AUIS students - Adam Azad, Banu Omed Jalal, Bilal Yaseen Mohammed, Hogar Hadi, and Kozhan Wahid. Dr. Tobin Hartnell and Hogar Hadi presented the findings at a conference celebrating fifty years of the University of Sulaimani.

Thank you to everyone at the Dutch Consulate of Erbil for supporting CACHE and the students at AUIS.