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Academic Record Services

Access to Transcripts after Graduation

At any time you can request a transcript from AUIS. The Registration and Records Office can provide an unofficial transcript or an official transcript.

An unofficial transcript is an unofficial record of your grades, courses, etc. at AUIS. An official transcript is an official, sealed transcript of your academic record.

Certification of Degree by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Within several months of graduation, AUIS submits the following official materials to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

  • Official, signed, stamped AUIS transcript (with all work, grades, GPA)
  • Official, signed, stamped high school certificate (Some students are missing this; if so, they will be contacted for follow-up.)

The Ministry will audit the AUIS transcript and high school certificates; if there are no problems, the AUIS transcript will be stamped and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education. This certified transcript will be placed in your permanent record as official proof of your degree.

For more information about your transcripts and certificates, please contact the Registration and Records Office, at [email protected]