Alex Poppe, Lecturer

Academic Preparatory Program

M.A. The University of Glasgow
B.S. Marquette University



Alex Poppe joined the APP in July, 2016.  Her teaching experience spans ten years and seven countries, including Iraq, Turkey, The West Bank, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the United States. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and economics (valedictorian), a conservatory degree in dramatic arts, T.E.S.L. certification and a master’s degree (Distinction) in creative writing. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in numerous magazines in the US and the UK. Her first book, Girl, World, will be published by Laughing Fire Press in late 2016. Read more about her book here.


Writing Awards

2018                            Girl, World, Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner – Honorable Mention, General Fiction
2018                            Girl, World, Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short List, The Eric Hoffer Award
2018                            Girl, World, First Horizon Award Finalist, The Eric Hoffer Award
2018                            Girl, World, Montaigne Medal Finalist, The Eric Hoffer Award
35 Over 35 Debut Book Award
2017                            Can Serrat Writer in Residency Award
2017                            “Room 308”, the Pushcart Prize, Current Nominee
2016                            “The Monster by the River”, Best of the Net 2016 Nominee
2016                            “What’s in a Name?” Hot Metal Bridge, Finalist, Social Justice Writing Contest
2015                            “Sanctuary” The Red Line” Finalist, Conflict Contest
2014                            “The Crystal Fairies” The Conium Review, Semi-finalist, Innovative Fiction Contest
2014                            “Mosul” The Baker Prize, Commended
2012                            “Kurdistan” Glimmer Train, Finalist, Family Matters Contest

Published Material - Fiction

2018                            Moxie, Tortoise Books
2017                            Girl, World, Laughing Fire Press
2017                            “Refugees Got Talent” L’Ephemere Review, Issue V: Sanctum
2017                            “Room 308” The Laurel Review, Issue 49.2
2016                            “Family Matter” The Massachusetts Review, Fall 2016
2016                            “Moxie” The Tacoma Review, Issue 7
2015                            “The Crystal Fairies” Stoneboat Literary Journal, November
2015                            “V”, SHORT FICTION the visual literary journal, Volume 9
2015                            “Ras Al-Amud” Litro, Issue 145: Missed Connections
2015                            “Zipper” Pear Drop a journal of art & literature, Issue 4
2015                            “Sanctuary The Red Line Short Story Magazine, Conflict Issue
2014                            “Mosul” Today and Yesterday, Inaugural Issue
2013                            “Morning Meals” Halfway Down the Stairs, December Issue
2013                            “Kurdistan” Prick of the Spindle, Volume 7.3
2013                            “My Mother’s Daughter” Prick of the Spindle, Volume 7.3
2013                            “Feast Day” The Molotov Cocktail, Volume 4, Issue 5
2012                            “Can’t Get No” The Legendary, Issue 38
2012                            “Swallow” The Molotov Cocktail, Volume 3, Issue 9
2012                            “In” Prime Numbers Magazine, Issue 23.3
2011                            “Laffy Taffy” The Lark and Other Short Stories, Phyllis Scott Publishing

Published Material - Nonfiction

2016                            “The Monster by the River” The Matador Review
2016                            “As the Income Gap Grows, Fewer Women Can Afford to Retire”
2016                            “Clearing the Closet: What We Keep and What We Leave Behind”
2016                            “All Together Now, Penis!”
2016                            “What’s in a Name” SunStruck Magazine
2015                            “Cages: The Intersection of Race, Fear and Terrorism” Today and Yesterday
2015                            “A Letter from Kurdistan” Bella Caledonia
2011                            “Does This Burka Make My Butt Look Big?” Prime Education Consultancy
2011                            “Creativity in Education” Natural Born Storyteller