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Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students where we prepare students for success in a pluralistic and global society.
The Dean of Students leads the Department of Student Services. The purpose of the Department of Student Services is to enhance the intellectual and social development of AUIS students.
Dr. Barin Kayaoğlu has been part of the AUIS community since 2016. 
The AUIS Honor Code embodies the honesty and integrity on which academic success is based.
Academic integrity is honest behavior in a school setting. Integrity in speech, research and writing is an essential part of teaching and learning at AUIS.
Why do citations matter?
Academic dishonesty or “cheating” is defined as any form of deceit, fraud, or misrepresentation in academic work. Plagiarism is one form of academic dishonesty.
Collaboration works for you. Copying works against you. 
The guidelines below will help you with citing your sources and providing evidence of your research. 
AUIS students must at all times exercise care and responsibility in their dealings with others.  
You do not have to cheat to pass. Here are some tips to help you stay out of a situation where you think cheating is the only option.