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Student Life

AUIS Awards Fall 2017

The AUIS awards are presented in Spring and Fall every year. The ceremony kicked off with a large AUIS community photo with students, faculty and staff, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the University this year. This was followed by the awards ceremony to recognize academic excellence and to appreciate those who participated in the Service Learning Program in the last semester.   During the event, Dean Geoffrey Gresk also announced the end of term for the 2017 Students Association and lauded the efforts and hard work by the outgoing President Botan Sharbazeri. The next election for AUIS Student Association will take place on November 14, 2017. The ceremony ended with delicious AUIS 10th anniversary cake!   Dean's Award   Ali Abdulhassan Lanya Ahmed Farah Mousa Sivan Omer Rand Ahmad Miran Nabaz Bawan Ahmed Kozhan Wahid Bahashty Karim Saman Abdulkarim Tara Mohammed Nina Omer Aya Bashar Mahmood Adnan Rasti Jalal Mohammed Mohammed Las Mohammed Hema Abdalla Dekan Rahim Raman Ahmed Hedi Hamadameen Omer Hussein Chiavan Mohammad   President's Award Lava Abdalla Sabah Najim Chra Abdoulqadir Sarah Noaman Zanyar Ali Eahfen Qader Ansar Anwar Mohammed Qadir Dima Asaad Ahmed Rasool Areena Ismail Mohammed Rasool Evan Jaad Hakar Rasul Dashti Faraj Rozhin Salah Peshwaz Rashid Muslim Salih Yad Mhammed Shavin Salih Tara Mohammed Ahmed Yousef Media Rashid   Service Learning Program   Regular (10-25) Bronze (26-50) Silver (51-75) Gold (75-100) Diamond(101+) Mir Nawzad Shnya Sarwat Rozh Dana Kamal Brwa Abdula Brwa Bala Faraj Naska Omar Rozh Jafer Halgurd Kheralla Lubna Ghazi Ares Mohammed Namiq Hawraz Hussien Mina Mahmood Deya Aso Shanyan Hassan Bave Mohammed Saeed Sivan Rizgar Danya Ibrahim Arukh Sediq Aga Abdulla Omer Mohammed Thamer Kale Ali Chawan Azad Balen Khatab Mohammed Abdullah Kozhin Star Hama Thiyab Omer Govan Karwan Wala Talib Hawzhin Kamal Solin Salahaddin Kale Saleh Roz Swara Maryam Sami Ali Kawa Bayan Ali Zhwar Sedeeq Shlova Abdalaziz Kali Yaseen Shad Cholly Muhammed Aristo Solin Abdalhamid Balen Hiwa   Kareen Khasro Przha Jabar Delaf Fadhil Shatoo Ali   Kozhin Khasraw   Mohammed Aziz Sus Omer   Nina Amanj   Mohammed Kanaan Shatoo Bakir   Huda Mohammed   Shanya Yassin Kazhin Ahmed   Shene Kawa   Davin Dler Kazia Ayar       Zhiar Abdulkarim Yad Mhammed       Osama Osman Saif Hakeem       Halkawt Mahdi Ramyar Majid       Deary Arevan Hemn Yusuf       Evan Jaaf Haider Dhyaa       Danaz Mohammed         Marleen Falah         Shalyar Sardar         Davar Mohammed         Noor Kamaran         Bakhan Jamal         Sawen Mohammed         Rebaz Aziz         Dyar Hassan         Baryan Majeed         The winners of the most improved GPA are Meeran Khatab and Hawzhin Kamal

AUIS Awards

Awards will be given out to students for academic performance and community service in the following categories:  Undergraduate: President's Award, Dean's List, Community Spirit APP: Attendance Awards, Teacher's Awards, Director's Awards, Top Grades Service Learning Program The awards will be followed by an AUIS 10th anniversary photo and student party outside building A.  The event is open to all AUIS community. 

AUIS Students Attend First Robotics Festival in Erbil

On September 16, 2017, a group of robotics students, accompanied by Dr. Hemin Latif, chair of the IT department at AUIS, and the IT Lab Assistant Mr. Berzy Bahzad attended the first Robotics Festival in Kurdistan, organized by the IT organization – – and under the supervision of the South Korean Consulate in Erbil. Despite the overwhelming heat and seven hours' drive from Sulaimani to Erbil and back, the students learned a lot from the trip to the exhibition, including things not related to technical or programming skills, like learning how to organize an event such as this. There were various projects on display: command-based speech recognition light project, all custom PVC-made underwater robot, an automatic pencil-drawing robot, and many more. The competitors were a group of talented and energetic students, graduates, and hobbyists. Haval Rezan, an IT junior at AUIS realized that “The competition is no longer inside AUIS where we were the only institute to teach robotics. We now have a greater challenge to stay on top of the game.” It also made the attendants realize that many people are interested in robotics in Kurdistan outside AUIS. “The event was eye-opening. Now I know that there are people who understand the language of robotics,” said Lavin Luqman, AUIS IT major. Sharing his view on the trip, Dr. Latif said, “Teaching and learning are not only limited to in-class experience and interaction. There is a lot of teaching and learning taking place out of classrooms too, something that both faculty and students need to know and can benefit from. Having a very popular course on Physical Computing and Robotics offered to our IT students, I find it very important that the students know what else is out there. Many of the projects we saw are similar or related to what we teach our students at AUIS. Some were very impressive in terms of both idea and execution. I hope the students enjoyed their experience and we are looking forward to similar events in the future.” Field trips not only guarantee a different experience, but serve as an opportunity for students to meet and get to know people. During this trip, the students, staff, and professors had the chance to get to know one another, discuss different topics, and share their interests. Students also expressed their interest in having more university-organized trips in the future and competing either on a university level or event-based levels, similar to the First Robotics Festival. Article written by Berzy Bahzad, IT Lab Assistant 

AUIS Students Participate in Startup Boot Camp

  Have you ever imagined running your own restaurant in the future? Have you ever thought about competing with different people from different regions? Well, I have and I used my imagination in a training with two AUIS friends recently. On July 28-29, we attended the Five One Labs Startup Bootcamp, a two-day, intensive training on the skills and mindsets of entrepreneurship in Erbil. During the training, participants worked on a business idea to take it from concept to pitch. We defined the challenge, interviewed ‘customers’ to learn more about their needs, identified our value proposition, and developed our business model. We built prototypes and pitched them in front of a panel of impressive judges. It was hard work but extremely rewarding, and fun. Alice Bosley, executive director of Five One Labs, says, “I was so impressed with the ideas and the talent of the participants at startup bootcamp. It was such a pleasure working with and learning alongside everyone, and we look forward to hosting more bootcamps in the future!" A startup bootcamp is basically about sharing and expanding business ideas. Our group of AUIS students was excited to participate and present our idea, which is to link customers, pharmaceuticals, and medicine stores together for an efficient online delivery system. We want to develop and apply this idea because we want to make things easier for people when they need particular medication quickly and efficiently. "Being an entrepreneur does not only mean to think differently; but, to build your dream from nothing into concrete plans, finding solutions to problems, creating business models, prototypes, pitch, and then learning ways to turn it to real business. Above all, we have learned that these cannot be done individually. Thus, we introduced the idea to different people there including, mentors, judges, volunteers, and the participants, and we have the opportunity to keep in touch with them to support each other and share new projects between us,” said Peru Hussein, an AUIS student and a member of our team. The challenging part of starting up our business idea was to find out what our customers really need. In the beginning, knowing customers and understanding them seemed easy until we participated in this training program. One of the mentors, for instance, helped us define the challenges we might face like setting out a plan for our revenue and marketing research if we ever failed in spreading out the business in the region. " is a great idea and can be useful for everyone in this field such as pharmacists, wholesellers and individuals, especially since people here are face problems with pharmacies and they need this kind of service in critical situations. I saw the interface which is clear, user friendly, and safe because no one can ask for critical medicatiom without a prescription to avoid illegal requests. My advice is to add more features such as maps, customer support live chat, and delivery time,” said Mr. David, a mentor from Bite Tech Company. “I always thought our idea was perfect and ready to start, yet I never thought sbout important small details we were introduced to during the Bootcamp. Within the very intensive two days, I was taught how to pitch in only three minutes in front of four judges and an audience of 50. I learned that it is not how profitable your business idea is, it is, instead, about how effective and challenging it is to bring a new system to the whole region of Kurdistan,” said Ali Kawa, an AUIS student and a member of our team. Our challenges were simple, yet they were too difficult to recognize without the help of our mentors. “I actually really liked it. I had yours in my “top 3” when we started debating projects. You three had great enthusiasm and seem to have a really good idea,” said Noah Woodiwiss, one of the judges. It was such a great and useful experience for us. We want to encourage AUIS students to be part of such events to share ideas and gain skills as future leaders and entrepreneurs to expand their business ideas. Written by Halbast Abdullah, AUIS student and communications volunteer Photos: Five One Labs

APP Students Host Cleanup Activity at Lake Dukan

  Students of the Academic Preparatory Program (APP) Level-2 hosted a cleanup event on August 17, 2017, at Lake Dukan in Sulaimani for the second year in a row. They were supported by the AUIS Environment Keepers club, and were also joined by faculty members and President Ferguson at the cleanup. Last summer, the APP hosted their first ever cleanup event at Lake Dukan as part of the APP Service Learning Program for the students to encourage learning outside of the classroom, as well as to develop the young students' critical thinking and communications skills. Photos: Environment Keepers    

Lake Dukan Clean-up

  The students of APP Level 2 are hosting a cleanup event at Lake Dukan for the second year in a row. If you are able to participate, please contact the AUIS Environment Keepers on their Facebook page for transportation and other details. Thursday, August 17, 2017 4:30 p.m. 

American Musician Jerry Joseph Holds Fundraising Rock Concert at AUIS

Prior to his trip to Sulaimani, Joseph had successfully raised funds in the United States to buy musical instruments and supplies for refugee camps, and to cover the costs of his travel and weeklong activities. The donations included 14 guitars and accessories, a few Kurdish instruments (Saz), as well as games and sports equipment for the children not interested in music. “My main purpose was to bring instruments, specifically guitars, to the Arbat refugee camp, and then teach the kids how to play guitar,” said Joseph in an interview with Kurdish TV channel NRT. During his time here, Joseph visited the Arbat refugee camp several times to give music and guitar classes, and held two fundraising concerts at AUIS and Chalak’sPlace, a local restaurant. The concert at AUIS was also attended by Joseph’s music students at the Arbat refugee camp. The concerts raised $1,000 collectively, which was also donated to the camp. Joseph’s team also donated several musical instruments to the music department at the University of Sulaimani, and is hoping to keep contributing to the institution. The trip was organized mainly with the support of Professor Jeffrey Koncsol, AUIS faculty member and Joseph’s friend; Oliver Keels at the Student Services Office, and the Communications office. Kashkul, a project housed at AUIS, filmed the entire trip for a short documentary.   About the Artist Jerry Joseph has been writing, recording and playing music for well over three decades, and has released over 25 records as a solo artist and frontman for bands such as The Jackmormons, Stockholm Syndrome, Little Women and The Denmark Vesseys. In 2014, Jerry traveled to Afghanistan to work as a teacher at Rock School Kabul and bring needed music equipment to the school. He performs more than 150 shows a year across the globe, including recent tours in Lebanon, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Costa Rica and Nicaragua as well as Europe and the United States. AUIS Oriental Music Club and Jerry Joseph hold concert at AUIS:


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