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AUIS dorms host 'Music Night'

  The AUIS dorms held a 'Music Night' on campus on November 10, 2018. The event started in the female dorms at 10 PM, but was eventually moved outside to accommodate the more than 50 students who attended, listening to music and dancing until midnight. Two student musicians, Pewist Salih and Dilan Seerwan, played live music for the dorm residents who attended.  This event is just one of several planned through the Student Services department for dorm residents this semester. Student residents took part in a nighttime tour of Sulaimani, went on a picnic to a popular tourist resort east of the city, and attended the Erbil International Book Fair so far during the fall semester.

Charity Rock Concert with Jerry Joseph

Join us this Thursday at 5:00 pm for a charity concert by Jerry Joseph, an American singer, songwriter, and guitar player currently touring the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Jerry Joseph will be joined by the AUIS Oriental Musical Club to play at the concert.  The concert is open to everyone. Outside guests are welcome to join by registering on this link: Please bring some form of ID with you for security check at the gate. Only registered guests can attend.    There are no tickets, but donations are welcome, which will go to refugee camps in the Kurdistan region.  Visit Jerry's GoFundMe page for more information about why he is touring Kurdistan, and his efforts to raise funds to bring music and music education to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.      About the Artist Jerry Joseph has been writing, recording and playing music for well over three decades, and has released over 25 records as a solo artist and frontman for bands such as The Jackmormons, Stockholm Syndrome, Little Women and The Denmark Vesseys. In 2014, Jerry traveled to Afghanistan to work as a teacher at Rock School Kabul and bring needed music equipment to the school. He performs more than 150 shows a year across the globe, including recent tours in Lebanon, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Costa Rica and Nicaragua as well as Europe and the United States.

A Musical Journey From Greece To Kurdistan

  AUIS is hosting a musical concert and workshop, A Musical Journey From Greece to Kurdistan, with renowned Kurdish artist Hajar Zahawy on April 3rd and 4th.   The music workshop will be conducted by acclaimed Greek musicians Dr. Matthaios Tsachouridis and Dr. Konstantinos Tsachouridis on April 3rd at 4:00pm. The workshop will be focused on techniques and demonstration of traditional Greek musical instruments. The Tsachouridis brothers were born in Greece, and both hold a doctorate in the field of Performance Practice.   The concert will take place the following day on April 4th at 6:00pm in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists; Hajar Zahawy, Ertan Takin, Ayub Ali, Konstantinos Tsachouridis, Giannis Poulios, and Matthaios Tsachouridis.   Please see attached poster for more information.   The video production of the event will be sponsored by HAMA Advertising.   

Yadi Slemani: An Event to Celebrate Sulaimani Memorial Day

On Sunday, November 13, 2016, The Action Group organized an event to celebrate the Sulaimani Memorial Day (Yadi Slemani) at AUIS. To commemorate the city that is famous for it's culture, Ms. Gaziza Omer Ali, a director and actress gave a keynote speech on women's role in drama and theatre. Another actor and TV host, Mr. Aso Omer Swara, then gave a presentation on Sulaimani. The event also featured a music performance by the Zna Group,  a poetry reading by AUIS students Solin Salahalddin and Gardinya Jutyar, and a documentary on Amay Jola, a successful Kurdish businesswoman, who is famous for her Baklawa. Students and guests were asked to come in their traditional Kurdish clothes, to honor the culture of the city.  

Kurdish Music Workshop and Concert at AUIS

  April 6 - 7, 2016 - Sulaimani, KRG-Iraq -  The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) hosted a two-day music and cultural event, including a concert and a workshop on traditional Kurdish instruments and the art of improvisation in Kurdish Music. The events were led by three Kurdish musicians of international acclaim; Hazhar Zahawy, Ertan Takin and Sohrab Pournazeri from the Kurdistan regions of Iraq, Turkey and Iran respectively. The musicians hosted a workshop on introduction to the main Kurdish musical instruments on April 6, 2016 at AUIS.The talk focused specifically on Kurdish instruments life Daf, Dhol, Balaban, Mey, Zorna, Tambur and Kamancheh. The musicians talked about the history and techniques, accompanied with some demonstrations. The workshop was open mainly to the AUIS community and for musicians and artists in Sulaimani. It ended with a long Q&A session with the speakers. On April 7, 2016, the trio gave an enthralling musical performance to a packed audience, displaying the art of improvisation in Kurdish music. The two hour long concert was attended in large numbers by AUIS community and from outside the university, and was a display of intense performances by the musicians on traditional Kurdish instruments. Hajar Zahawy is an internationally known percussionist. Born in Khaniqin in 1980, he moved to London in 1990 where he became a self-taught master of the Daf. He began his professional career as a daf player in 1996, at the young age of 16 in Belgium's MED TV studio, where musicians from all over Kurdistan gathered. He was a member of Nishtiman, a seven member group of musicians who performed at the Bimhuis at the Holland Festival in 2013. He led the artistic direction of the group with the aim to promote diversity and transcend geographical borders in Kurdish music and raise awareness about its tradition. Ertan Tekin is a masterful musician of woodwind instruments, most especially of the Zorna, Balban, and the Duduck, traditional instruments in Kurdish music. He has participated in hundreds of musical projects. He was a member of the Nishtiman ensemble.   Sohrab Pournazeri is a musician, virtuoso and composer. He was born in 1982 in Kermanshah and has a musical upbringing. His father was a well-known musician and he began studying the Tanbour and Daf at an early age, and later the Tar and Setar before finding his true calling by taking up the Kamancheh. His style is rooted in both Persian classical music as well as folk and the sacred musical culture of Ahl-e Haqq in Kermanshah. He is an incredible virtuoso soloist and was also a member of Nishtiman. Photos: Hawta Ali, Hana Mohammed (student volunteers) and Soran Naqishbandy.

The Kurdish Daf: A Workshop by Hajar Zahawy

Renowned Kurdish Daf (frame drum) player, Hajar Zahawy, gave a workshop on the history and techniques of daf and performed to a packed audience at AUIS on April 9, 2015.  His presentation was titled, “The Kurdish Daf: From Traditional to Global Instrument.” Zahawy began his presentation by explaining the history of Daf. He explained that the instrument has pre-Islamic origins and belongs to the drum family of instruments. He then talked about the history of the Kurdish daf, which was born from a religious ritual practiced by the Sufis, and demonstrated it by playing some Sufi music. After that, he explained the rhythms of the daf. He indicated that the music is sometimes called “Daem” which means continuous. This type of music forms a deep and spiritual connection between the musician and daf. He also performed some of the rhythms like Hai Allah, Haddadi, Saqqazi, and Garyan. He also explained to the audience that the daf can be used in different types of music. Consequently, he allowed the audience to listen to the theme of "Kingdom of Heaven” that included the daf. Zahawy also gave a mesmerizing solo performance on the daf at the end of his presentation, much to the delight of the audience. At the end of the event, Zahawy took some questions from the audience. One student asked him if he would ever consider coming back to Kurdistan to teach playing the daf ,to which the musician replied that he would be ready to teach but lamented the fact that there are no conservatories to support professional and aspiring musicians. Most comments however touched on how such instruments are not properly appreciated and valued. Zahawy agreed and said, “We have the potential to make the daf our national instrument.” He thanked the University for hosting him and he was glad he had the opportunity to finally visit Kurdistan. “I am grateful AUIS provided me with this opportunity to demonstrate the workshop. I’ve always wanted to visit the University, now that I have, I would like to further the relationship to have more workshops in the future.” Before leaving campus, Zahawy had the chance to hear AUIS student Botan Muhammad Husein singing a Kurdish song and playing music along with other students and friends. This news story has been published with contribution from AUIS student and communications volunteer Rawan Barzan.
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