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Engineers Create the World: Life Beyond Graduation

  On April 23, 2019, the AUIS Engineering Department hosted a seminar for students by Dr. Nabaz Sheena titled “Engineers Create the World: Life Beyond Graduation” as part of a series of career-related workshops during the spring 2019 academic semester.   Dr. Sheena received his BA from the University of Sulaimani and a graduate degree in the United Kingdom. With 32 years of design experience in a range of engineering-related fields, he is now director at one of the UK’s largest engineering consulting firms. The purpose of Dr. Sheena’s presentation was to inspire future engineers and provide them with a better understanding of design processes as well as potential career paths after graduation.   Student attendees gave positive feedback about the event and were happy to learn about Dr. Sheena’s experiences and how he overcame personal and professional obstacles.  

Cancer Awareness Seminar

Code Blue would like to invite the AUIS community to another cancer awareness seminar.  November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and this time Dr. Rozhan Omer, Oncologist at Hiwa Hospital, will be joining us to discuss the causes, early detection, and prevention of this deadly disease. Time and Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 4:30 pm  Location: A-G-05  

IT Department hosts blockchain technology seminar and workshop

  As part of its Fall 2018 calendar of events, the AUIS IT Department, in cooperation with the non-profit organization Re:Coded, hosted a seminar and a workshop on blockchain technology on October 30 and November 10, 2018, respectively. Ehsan Ibrahim, a blockchain specialist and trainer from Re:Coded led both the seminar and the workshop. Ehsan provided an introduction to blockchain technology during the seminar, explaining key terms about the topic, and how it is used in the IT industry from a non-technical perspective. The workshop followed the seminar, in which Ibrahim delivered a more technical presentation on blockchain, with examples, hands-on practice, and coding. During the second part of the workshop, AUIS students in attendance were guided through a practical session with a virtual network called Ethereum using Ganache, then students uploaded their own code to the virtual blockchain. Dr. Hemin Latif, Assistant Professor and Chair of the IT Department at AUIS stated, “Creating and maintaining an intellectual link between the IT faculty and the IT practitioners from the industry is vital to the success of education.” “In a field such as IT, neither industry nor university alone can give the full breadth of the knowledge to the students,” Latif continue. After the workshop, student participant, Kamaran Ashraf said he anticipates this new technology will change the way people look at connections on the Internet. “The concern lies in saving milliseconds on transaction times and having reliable point-to-point security, essentially eliminating mediators,” he said. The blockchain events were just one of several seminars and workshops arranged by the AUIS IT Department this semester as part of an effort to introduce students to trending topics in the tech world.

CAE and Modern Engineering Seminar

  Join us to find out about how Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is leading innovation within the engineering industry and how this tool is utilized across a number of sectors.    TECOSIM Group is specilized in engineering services for product development. It is a market leader in numerical calculation and simulation (CAE) and a provider of development processes and software. TECOSIM creates solutions for transport, energy, industry & technology and health.    Chalac Hamza, a CAE engineer at TECOSIM Technical Simulations, will be holding an exclusive seminar at AUIS to discuss the benefits of implementing CAE in engineering and product development.   April 9, 2:00 - 4:00 PM April 10 12:00 - 2:00 PM AUIS, B-B1-11

Engineering Club Outreach Program at The British International School of Sulaimaniya

Written by: Yasna Omed  The AUIS Engineering Club began the 2018 Spring semester with a community service initiative called ‘The Engineering Outreach Program.’ The program aimed to create partnerships with local schools by engaging and sharing the excitement of engineering through simple hands-on activities and competitions. This semester, the program was implemented over four consecutive Saturdays from January 20 to February 10 at The British International School of Sulaimaniya. Under the supervision of AUIS Lecturer and Engineering Department Deputy Chair Ms. Raguez Taha, twenty dedicated members from the Club facilitated six different activities and mentored students in grades four, five, and six. Each activity simulated various concepts in engineering, allowing and encouraging students to think critically and creatively. Each week the students were given a set of simple household items and asked to design and create a model that would be tested under a set of criteria. Each week the students would compete for certificates for first, second, and third place. "Being one of the mentors of the BIS outreach program redefined my idea of kindness once I got to interact and talk with fourth grade students." During Week 1, the mentors were assigned to different grades where they conducted ice breaker games to get to know their students, after which, they led the students in a puzzle challenge. In Week 2, students were challenged to design the tallest tower and a tower to withstand wind loads. At the end, the fourth and fifth graders placed their towers in front of a fan. The intensity of air produced by the fan was raised to test the stability of the towers under wind loads. The height of each tower was then measured as a tiebreaker. Winners among the sixth grade competitors were determined based on the amount of material used and the height of the towers. "I was so happy when I saw [the kids'] reactions to the activities; they loved the idea and they were so proud of themselves!" Students were challenged to design cars during Week 3, investigating the mechanical and energy transfer concepts. In the end, students competed in a race to determine the winners. During Week 4, students explored the concepts of gravity, air resistance and shock absorption in creating a structure that would protect its contents when dropped from heights greater than one meter. Winners were determined based on height and accuracy of the landing. "This program introduced me to the world of teaching, and it also taught me how to work with others and explain things to younger people." In the last week, parents were invited to observe the last activity and certificate of completion ceremony. Overall, 91 students participated throughout the four week program. Students expressed eagerness to continue these activities in the future. The school’s director said she was amazed by the Engineering Club mentors and their work with the students. The Engineering Club was delighted to finish the project successfully, and plans to continue with similar activities to encourage young leaders to discover and grow their talents. "[The outreach program] helped me gain self-confidence as a teacher through talking to people and children." Many thanks to the volunteer mentors who participated in this initiative: Ardin Shaho Hasan, Barin Abd Al Hameed Sharaf, Barzi Mohammed Ali, Dunya Hama Jazaa Amin, Jwtyar Jamal Nasralddin, Kali Yaseen Kareem, Lanya Ali Ahmed, Lelo Khaled, Mohammed Abubakir Hama, Niga Kamal Hama Rahim, Rayan Qasim Mohammed, Safw Kawa Abdulkareem, Sanya Rzgar Abdalqadir, Sivan Sirwan, Solin Salahalddin Salih, Sozi Hassan Taha, Yad Rzgar Mhammed, Yasna Omed Mohammed Ali, Zryan Ibrahim Ahmed, Halbast Abdulah

Webinar on the Economic Benefits of Cultural Heritage

  February, 14, 2017 - Dr. Tobin Hartnell and the Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (CACHE) at AUIS, facilitated a webinar by Dr. Edward Salo, a professor at Arkansas State University, on the economic benefits of cultural heritage. The event was attended by AUIS students and a few guests from the University of Sulaimani. Dr. Salo talked about the importance of  using historic preservation as a way to help create communities and to encourage economic development, which as he explained is “not just about saving pretty buildings”. He started by explaining what historic preservation can do,“It can give us roots, enhance community pride, teach and inspire us, make communities more attractive and encourage travel and tourism.” He presented an interesting linkage between the past and future and how crucial historic preservation has been in unveiling the history of minorities in the United States. Dr. Salo also expressed his interest in the historic sites in Iraq, and mentioned how historic places are used in the United States and what they bring to their communities, “ They are used to create a basis for heritage tourism and that way they can enhance the economy and identity of communities,” he explained.  Photos contributed by Sara Aso. News contributed by Bana Aso.

Seminar: E-Government - Theories and Practices

The seminar will provide an introduction to E-Government in business, technology, and administrative context. Speakers will discuss the current implementation and research in the area, as well as the future vision of e-government in developing countries and the KRG region. AGENDA: 4:00 pm: Welcome and Introduction - Ms. Razee Hussein-Jamal 4:10 pm: E-Government: Theories & Practices - Dr. Farzad Sanati 4:30 pm: Secure E-Government - Mrs. Ala Barzinji 4:50 pm: Break 5:10 pm: Q&A session SPEAKERS: Dr. Farzad Sanati is teaching Information Technology, and working in the E-Government research group, at AUIS. Mrs. Ala Barzinji is a Ph.D student at Stockholm University studying E-Government, and currently teaching Information Technology at University of Sulaimani. Ms. Razee Hussein-Jamal is senior IT lab research assistant and IT coordinator at AUIS.
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