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Hiwa Foundation Endowment Fund and AUIS Announce New Student Scholarships

    American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) and Hiwa Foundation announced today the establishment of the Hiwa Foundation Endowment Fund to support the education of selected students at the University who demonstrate high academic merit and financial need. The new scholarship will cover tuition fees and is open to undergraduate and Academic Preparatory Program (APP) students.   A joint AUIS-Hiwa Foundation committee, including members of the Hiwa Foundation Corporate Development team, has selected the first eight student scholarship recipients based on objective, non-discriminatory criteria determined by the committee. One additional scholarship will be awarded annually.     Hiwa Rauf and Nien Abdulla, co-founders of the Hiwa Foundation, hosted a lunch with students selected for the first round of the scholarships. Mr. Rauf and Mrs. Abdulla shared their academic and professional experiences with the students, who in turn expressed their hopes and dreams for their future.   About Hiwa Foundation   Hiwa Foundation is a non-governmental organization based in the city of Sulaimani, Kurdistan, Iraq. Hiwa Rauf and his wife Nien Abdulla, successful entrepreneurs from Sulaimani, founded the organization in 2013, with the vision to educate and empower the people of the region. Hiwa Foundation believes in building strong communities, based on principles of equality and social justice, by supporting people in their ambitions to become part of a new positive and healthy society. Since 2013, Hiwa Foundation has supported a diverse range of community projects, translated publications, produced documentaries, and distributed educational materials throughout the region. The foundation continuously seeks out new partnerships, as it views partnership working as the most effective way to reach the largest and most diverse segments of the community.   About American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS)   AUIS is the first non-government, not-for-profit, American-style university in Iraq. Celebrating its tenth anniversary last year, it is also the first non-governmental university in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to be accredited by both the Federal Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government. The University welcomes students, 35% of whom are women, from diverse communities throughout Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

AUIS offers financial support to refugee students at Arbat Camp

  American University of Iraq, Sulaimani President Bruce Ferguson and Director of Admissions Rebeen Azad on September 5, 2018 met with students at the Arbat Camp outside of Sulaimani city to discuss scholarship opportunities under the University’s new Brighter Future Arbat Refugee Fund. Members of the school’s staff welcomed AUIS to the facility. The new Fund was established by Ms. Florence Robichon and her husband Mr. Rachid Benyakhlef to provide scholarships to Syrian refugees to pursue a university degree at AUIS after graduation from high school. AUIS provides 90 percent of its students with merit-based scholarships and other financial aid to support students from across Iraq. See Click here to learn more about the Brighter Future Arbat Refugee Fund.   

AUIS announces first round of women AUIF Humanities Scholars

  Through this anonymous donation facilitated by the Foundation, first- and second-year female students showing exceptional promise and a strong interest in pursuing a path or course of study in the Humanities will be awarded funding to cover one semester of tuition fees. A separate annual scholarship will be awarded to emerging upper-level female Humanities students to cover all tuition expenses for their remaining time at AUIS. Additionally, funding will be provided to the Center for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS) at AUIS as well as to Kashkul. The four scholars chosen for this first round of the Humanities Grant have shown dedication to academic excellence as well as promising futures in careers related to the humanities. Meet the scholars: Aya Khidir Abbas was born in Baghdad. She is in her freshman year, majoring in IT, with a minor in Business. Aya is also interested in learning languages, such as Korean and Japanese, and is fluent in English and Arabic. Her favorite class is Western Civilization due to her curiosity about world history. Her dream is to work in Japan because of its advances in technology and beautiful nature. Raz Sadoon Yadulla was born and raised in Sulaimani and is majoring in English Literature and minoring in Gender Studies. She has shown interest in writing short stories and producing short films as a member of the Drama Club and “Freedom Writers” Club. Raz is planning to publish her short stories in the near future along with directing and producing her own films. Tavan Ahmad Salim was born in Sulaimani and is majoring in International Studies, with a double minor in both Law and English Literature. Tavan has many hobbies, and is dedicated to volunteerism, learning about different cultures and ethnic groups, baking, and trying new makeup products. Her favorite classes are history and politics. Tavan aspires to become Iraq’s ambassador to the US and earn a post-graduate degree in Psychology. Noor Kamaran Omer is also from Sulaimani and is majoring in International Studies with a planned double minor in Law and English Literature/Translation. She aspires to become a famous author to “educate and enlighten people through the power of [her] words.” She is a member of the Book Lover’s Club, Creative Writing Club, Language Club, Action Group, and Women’s Soccer team. Noor has high hopes to prosper in her community and believes in leadership over heroism as a tool to change one’s community for the better. *** If you would like to apply for the next round of the AUIF Humanities Grant, submit a statement of intent of up to 500 words discussing what you have found useful in Humanities courses at AUIS and what you hope to achieve with a degree in Humanities, as well as a writing sample of up to five pages to [email protected] by April 19, 2018. Submissions are open to either of the following: Female AUIS students with less than 60 completed credits at the time of submission, a declared major in English Literature, English Journalism or International Studies, and a GPA above 2.0 Female AUIS students with more than 60 completed credits at the time of submission, a declared major in English Literature, English Journalism, or International Studies and a GPA above 2.0    

Announcing the New AUIS Youth Engagement Scholarships 2016

September 6, 2016 - Sulaimani (KRG), Iraq: The American University of Iraqi, Sulaimani (AUIS) is proud to announce the new AUIS Youth Engagement Scholarships for candidates applying to the undergraduate program in the Early Admissions Round this year. The new Scholarship recognizes extracurricular achievement in leadership and good citizenship. It helps ensure that engaged and active young members of society have access to high quality education regardless of their financial resources or baccalaureate scores. The Scholarships will be awarded to three students who are accepted into AUIS during the Fall 2016 Early Admissions Round. Each Scholarship will fund 25 percent of an AUIS Youth Engagement Scholar’s tuition for the full duration of their study at AUIS. The Scholarship is open to all applicants meeting the minimum admissions requirements for AUIS programs. Announcing the new Scholarship, AUIS President Bruce W. Ferguson said, “The new AUIS Youth Engagement Scholarship recognizes that good leadership flows from energy, teamwork and wisdom as well as from academic achievement.  We hope the new scholarship program will encourage our students to think broadly about how they can use their university education to benefit their community and society.” Applicants will be required to demonstrate engagement in any area of citizenship and leadership through a personal statement or a video essay. This could include volunteering for a cause; active participation with a club or civic organization; starting a new business; public performances in sports, music, or the arts; and other activities in which the student has demonstrated individual excellence and the ability to work effectively with people outside of the classroom. Candidates will be eligible to apply for the scholarship once they have submitted their undergraduate application to AUIS. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is October 3, 2016. Click here to read more about eligibility, application and selection criteria for the scholarship.

الإعلان عن منحة دراسية جديدة للشباب الفعالين في الجامعة الأمريكية في العراق، السليمانية لسنة ٢٠١٦

6/9/2016 السليمانية، إقليم كردستان العراق تعلن الجامعة الأمريكية في العراق، السليمانية و لأول مرة في العراق، عن منحة دراسية جديدة للطلبة المتقدمين للدراسة الجامعية في جولة القبول المبكرة لهذا العام.  و تقر المنحة الجديدة الإنجازات اللامنهجية في القيادة و المواطنة الصالحة، فإنه يضمن الشباب الحصول على تعليم عالي الجودة بغض النظر عن مواردهم المالية أو درجاتهم في إمتحان البكالوريا. ستكون المنحة الدراسية الجديدة من نصيب ثلاثة من الطلبة الذين تم قبولهم في الجامعة الأمريكية في العراق، السليمانية في جولة القبول المبكرة لخريف سنة ٢٠١٦ حيث ستمول كل منحة ٢٥٪ من الرسوم الدراسية للطالب خلال فترة دراسته في الجامعة. المنح الدراسية مفتوحة لجميع المتقدمين المؤهلين  للقبول في الجامعة الأمريكية في العراق، السليمانية. عند الإعلان عن المنحة الدراسية الجديدة، قال رئيس الجامعة بروس ووكر فيرغسون : "تقر المنحة الجديدة للشباب الفعالين في المجتمع المدني حيث تبين هذه المنحة بأن القيادة الجيدة تنبع من الطاقة و العمل الجماعي و الحكمة بالإضافة الى الإنجاز الأكاديمي. نأمل أن تشجع المنحة الجديدة طلابنا على التفكير و على نطاق واسع في كيفية استخدام تعليمهم الجامعي لإفادة مجتمعهم." على المتقدمين للمنحة الدراسية الجديدة عرض إنجازاتهم في أي مجال من مجالات المواطنة و القيادة من خلال بيان شخصي أو فيديو قصير. و يمكن أن تشمل الإنجازات على سبيل المثال أي عمل تطوعي قام به الطالب أو كإداري أو كعضو في فريق أو نادي أو منظمة مدنية أو البدء بأعمال تجارية جديدة أو كمؤدي في مجال الرياضة أو الموسيقى أو الفنون و غيرها من الأنشطة التي أثبتت مهارات الطالب و قدرته و تفاعله مع المواطنين خارج الفصول الدراسية الأكاديمية. يتأهل المتقدمين للحصول على المنحة حال تقديمهم إستمارة التقديم للجامعة حيث الموعد النهائي لإرسال طلب التقديم لهذه المنحة هو ٣ أكتوبر ٢٠١٦. انقر هنا للحصول على المزيد من المعلومات لغرض التأهل والتقديم و معرفة المزيد عن معايير الاختيار للحصول على المنحة.  
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