AUIS Youth Engagement Scholarship

The AUIS Youth Engagement Scholarship is now open to candidates applying to the undergraduate program in Fall 2017. The new Scholarship recognizes extracurricular achievement in leadership and good citizenship.

The Scholarship funds 75 percent of an AUIS Youth Engagement Scholar’s tuition during his or her study at the university. For example, a Scholar receiving a baccalaureate score of 74 and below will pay $2,000 annually instead of $8,000. A Scholar with a score of 90 and above will pay $1,000 annually instead of $4,000. Assuming that the Scholar remains in good standing, each Scholarship will be continued for the full duration of the APP and undergraduate program.It helps ensure that engaged and active young members of society have access to high quality education regardless of their financial resources or baccalaureate scores. One Scholarship will be awarded in 2017/18. 

Who can apply?

  • All applicants meeting AUIS admissions requirements are eligible to apply for the Scholarship as long as they apply during the Early (1 -15 August) or Regular (1 Oct - 30 Nov) Admissions Round.
  • Current AUIS students are not eligible.

Applicants may demonstrate engagement in any area of citizenship and leadership. Examples include, but are not limited to, volunteer work (e.g. working with hospitals, charity organizations, refugee camps, animal shelters, people with disabilities, environmental groups, etc.); managing or being an active member of a team, club or civic organization; starting a new business; public performances in sports, music, or the arts; and other activities in which the student has demonstrated individual excellence and the ability to work effectively with people outside of the classroom.

Applying for the Scholarship:

Applicants will be eligible to apply for the scholarship once they have already submitted their undergraduate application.

They will be required to fill out an online scholarship form, along with:

  • A brief statement (350 words maximum) OR a video (1-minute maximum) explaining why they deserve the scholarship;

  • At least one letter of reference, from a teacher, community leader, professional or other adult with whom they have worked.

  • Any additional material e.g. photos, videos, certificates to complement their application (optional).