Academic Departments

The academic departments at AUIS are the primary vehicle for fulfilling the University's mission. AUIS offers ten different undergraduate programs of study for students, and its operations are organized into six different departments by subject.

The vision of the Business Administration Department is to develop future business leaders for the area, region and globe. To accomplish this, the Department aims to transform students into dreamers, doers and leaders capable of propelling this region into the forefront of the business world.
The Engineering Department provides students with a strong analytical basis in engineering science, reinforced with engineering fundamental courses, and connected to a hands-on practical experience.
  The English Department offers students the opportunity to explore – and participate in – the rich tradition of the written word in English.
  The Department of Information Technology offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology which is a technical degree program that prepares students in the core competencies of the IT discipline, including problem-solving and programming, networking and communications, database systems, Internet and Web technologies, and information security.
The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department is committed to teaching students the quantitative, scientific, and rational reasoning skills that are integral to a liberal arts education.
The Social Sciences Department offers an International Studies major which integrates political, economic, geographic, historical, and anthropological approaches to the examination of the world.