AUIS IT Students Provide PC Service

The very best solution IT technicians and professionals recommend you to do is formatting your personal computer (PC) when it is running slow. If you take your PC to a local store, chances are that they will install an operating system (OS) – like Windows – that is illegal and maybe cracked. This leads to security issues that, without you being aware, might make your computer a victim of Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDOS) as a computer zombie. Without your knowledge, your computer will be used by hackers somewhere in the world to participate as a tool to break into servers, let alone the fact that your personal files and photos may be stolen. All this may happen due to not installing the right OS and software the right way, legally.

A Visit to the Persian Leopard Conservation Peace Park

On this trip, students learned about the endangered Persian Leopard and the park’s efforts to bring back the endangered animal species. Hana Raza from Nature Iraq gave an informative talk to the students regarding the remaining Persian Leopards in Iraq. She discussed current developments and strategies, including a new rainwater harvesting dam for the leopard and other animals, and the use of GPS technology.

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